Keep Fundraising on Track Through DIY and Virtual Events

The rise in social distancing amid the COVID-19 outbreak has forced many nonprofits to cancel their in-person events. To manage these disruptions, nonprofits can leverage the latest fundraising technology to remain competitive and continue moving their missions forward.


To help keep your fundraising goals on track during these challenging times, see our tips and strategies below.


Pivot to Virtual Fundraising Events


So, you’ve canceled or postponed your event, now what? The cancelation of in-person fundraising events may harm the potential future of funds for important causes, but nonprofits can still engage donors by hosting their events virtually. By leveraging the proper tools, nonprofit organizations can move their events online and continue promoting their cause and appealing to donors.


Hosting a virtual event enables nonprofits to keep their events up and running and engage even more donors remotely – in order to raise more money. In fact, through virtual events, organizations are free from geographic restrictions and can maximize their reach, expand attendee participation, lower venue and event day operational costs and expenses, while increasing overall ROI. Donors from across the country and the world can engage with your event from the comfort of their own home.


For instance, organizations can consider using video conferencing tools to hold live events or transition to an online auction with Panorama by FrontStream and promote to over 1 million bidders on BiddingForGood. These virtual events enable participants to engage and get involved with a campaign on their own time and in their own space, while still supporting a cause they care about. 


Engage with Donors Through DIY Events


Even as necessary restrictions are throwing charitable events and fundraisers into a holding pattern of delays and cancellations, nonprofits can provide their donor base with other opportunities for individual giving. In addition to virtual events and online auctions, digital peer-to-peer events and do-it-yourself (DIY) initiatives can also engage your donor base and empower them to raise money for a good cause.


Unlike typical in-person peer-to-peer events, DIY events don’t require participants to attend an event that is limited to one specific date, time or place. Instead, supporters can create fundraising programs on their own terms and timeline, taking advantage of a variety of ways to participate and support the organization.


In fact, anyone with a desire to raise money for their favorite charity can simply go online, design a customized campaign and begin fundraising in mere minutes. Nonprofits can create branded, unlimited donation forms that can be linked to any website or social feed. This allows them to continue to rally supporters and fundraise through a network of donors even when events are canceled.


Additionally, remaining active and healthy is of the utmost importance while under quarantine, nonprofits might consider getting supporters involved physically by creating a virtual walk-a-thon or step contest like those produced by MoveSpring. Deploying a fitness tracking device in an online competition allows participants to raise funds on their own, while improving their health and virtually competing against other participants. This model is particularly fitting under the current social distancing measures but is also a popular option for smaller nonprofits that might not have the staff and resources to host a walk, run or cycling event.


Mission Impact with Fundraising Technology

In light of this global health pandemic, incorporating digital transformation tools is more important than ever to keep fundraising efforts on track. By taking advantage of the latest fundraising technology, nonprofits can continue supporting their mission and gain a competitive advantage.


Reimagining traditional peer-to-peer events to include virtual and DIY options can help nonprofits succeed in their fundraising efforts as well as attract new lifetime donors. As this trend only continues to grow, utilizing the latest technology will help better prepare organizations for successful fundraising throughout these uncertain times and in the years ahead.


Check out our video on DIY and virtual fundraising for more information on these types of events.

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