How United Way organizations and corporate partners benefit each other



Suncor employees' great work and generosity helped to raise $6.8 million for the United Way in their communities. Photo via Flickr Suncor employees' great work and generosity helped to raise $6.8 million for the United Way in their communities. Photo via Flickr


United Way organizations worldwide are focused on improving the lives of impoverished individuals, supporting children and youth, and building stronger connections between citizens. It's always a good time to revisit the importance of United Way organizations and the difference they make in communities around the world!

They may be known for fundraising activities focused on individuals and families, but United Way organizations also benefit greatly from corporate partnerships, and vice versa. In fact, with the growing interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement, it's becoming more of a valuable partnership than ever. Here are three reasons why:

United Way organizations have a rich history of making an impact in their communities, and employees want employers to support community initiatives.

The United Way is dedicated to providing funding to at-risk communities and initiatives where it's needed the most. More and more employees of small- and large-scale organizations are looking for ways to help - and they want their employers to be engaged. This makes for a perfect partnership between the two sides: A company can ally themselves with their local United Way in order to provide avenues for employees to help in the community. Whether it's through workplace giving programs, volunteer days, or peer-to-peer fundraising events, working with a United Way is an easy solution to providing fulfilling CSR.

The United Way is an expert at workplace giving, and makes it easy for workplaces to get their employees involved by supporting them with packages and kits.

Speaking of workplace giving, we've written previously about how corporate philanthropy is a perk that more employees want to see. However, sometimes it can be difficult for companies to incorporate a workplace giving program - they might not know where to start, or they might have trouble engaging their staff and motivating them to get involved. This is where United Way organizations can really help out - they know exactly how to integrate workplace giving, and they come prepared with training and kits with educational materials for employees. If you're looking to demystify the giving process, United Way has you covered.

Employers know they're getting the most bang for their buck because The United Way covers more than one cause.

Although many employees want their employers to have a workplace giving program, they're more specific when it comes to where they want their payroll donations to go. It can't always be a one-cause-fits-all solution; employees want to know they have some choice in what causes they're supporting. United Way organizations put donations towards more than one cause, and this flexibility is definitely appealing to workplace staff.

If you're a company looking to find workplace giving solutions, your local United Way is equipped with everything you need to make flexible, engaged corporate giving a reality.



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