11 Summer Fundraising Ideas That Will Make a Splash

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your fundraising efforts and make a splash in your community. Exciting and unique ideas will help you engage donors and reach your goals, whether you're raising money for your charity or school. This blog post will explore eleven summer fundraising event ideas that will make a real difference for your nonprofit. From fun-filled events to outdoor adventures, get ready to dive into a world of possibilities and make this summer one to remember. Grab your sunscreen, and let's get started!



1. Golf Tournament

For your first summer fundraising idea, consider organizing a fun golf tournament. Get golf lovers from your community together for a friendly competition and fundraising event. Participants can show off their skills on the green while supporting a good cause. Offer sponsorship opportunities, such as: 

  • Hole sponsorships
  • Beverage cart sponsorships
  • Media sponsorships
  • Prize sponsorships

In addition to the main tournament, having mini-competitions throughout the day will keep participants more engaged and more entertained. Examples include:

  • Longest drive
  • Closest to the pin challenge
  • Gimme’s
  • Putting contest
  • Skins game
  • Hole-in-one
  • Mulligans

With the sun out and clubs swinging, this golf tournament will surely be a hit for your summer fundraising goal.


Golf Touranment

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2. Bowl-A-Thon

Bowling tournaments and events are a great way to engage with your donors. As a bonus, they are interesting to plan and are hosted in various ways. You can host the event at a bowling alley to escape the summer heat or gather your donors for a game of lawn bowling! A bowl-a-thon fundraiser is a creative way to get your supporters together, and there is a good excuse for them to play an exciting and friendly game. 

Tip: You should use peer-to-peer fundraising platforms to showcase your fundraisers' donation totals before, during, and after the event and hand out awards such as “most donations raised” during the summer fundraiser. This will motivate individual bowlers or teams to raise more donations leading up to the event.


Family Bowling


3. Walk, Ride, or Run

Put on your sneakers, grab your bike, or walk to raise money for a good cause and promote health and wellness while the sun is shining. Whether you plan a walk-a-thon, a bike-a-thon, or a 5K run, this active fundraising idea will get people moving and supporting your mission. You could also spice things up by turning your 5K run into a color run for added fun and participation. Get your friends, family, and community involved to hit the trails together for an entertaining and impactful summer event.

Now is the time to start planning your “walk, ride, or run” fundraising event to unite your supporters!




4. In-Person or Hybrid Auctions

In-person, hybrid, or online auctions are a great way to gain sponsorships, reach new donors, and raise more funds for your cause. Plus, with risk-free auction items, you can give participants a fantastic and exciting experience. By offering items that have been donated or sponsored, every bid goes towards supporting your mission without any financial risk.

With auction platforms such as BiddingForGood, you will be able to sell tickets to your event quickly, plan donor communications, create branded auction pages, and open your auction to new bidders from across the globe! By using the BiddingForGood platform, nonprofits report raising an average of 33% more

Tip: To gather items for your auction, you can ask local establishments to donate items or even ask them to sponsor your auction.

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5. DIY Events or Tournaments 

Encouraging donors to host summer fundraising events, like cornhole tournaments or video game tournaments, is a great and amusing way to get donations.  FrontStream makes it easy for supporters to create event pages for ticket sales or donations on a charity's behalf. You can host as many events as you'd like at the same time and back-to-back, which helps you and your supporters raise even more funds.


yard sale


6. Charity Car Wash

A charity car wash is a great and interactive way to fundraise during the summer. Gather a group of volunteers, set up a location with plenty of space for washing cars, and promote the event to the community. For varying prices, offer packages such as basic wash, wash, wax, or interior cleaning. Also, adding on extras like air fresheners or tire shine for an additional cost will help you raise more. Create a festive atmosphere with music, refreshments, and a raffle for those getting their cars washed.




7. Beach Clean-Up Event

Get people together to collect trash and debris from the beach, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and positively impact the community. Charge participants a registration fee or seek local business sponsorships. Raising awareness about the importance of keeping our beaches clean and protecting marine life is another way to make this fundraiser memorable. Consider providing snacks, drinks, and prizes for volunteers to make it an unforgettable and rewarding experience for all involved.




8. Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

To make your lemonade stand fundraiser stand out, consider offering a variety of lemonade flavors, such as strawberry, mint, or lavender. You could also add fresh fruit garnishes or cute straws to attract customers. To increase profits, you could also sell baked goods or offer a "pay what you can" option for those who may not have much money to donate. Get the word out before the event by creating an excellent branded menu with a theme using sites like Canva. Share it on social media along with a link to your donation page.




9. Summer-Themed Bake Sale

Set up a colorful and inviting booth with beach balls, tropical flowers, and summery banners. Offer a variety of baked goods, from traditional favorites like chocolate chip cookies to unique creations like coconut macaroons, tropical fruit tarts, or lemonade cupcakes. Consider hosting the bake sale at a local park or beach to attract more visitors and make it a relaxing summer outing for families.

Remember to promote the event on social media and local community boards to draw a crowd and raise funds for your cause in a tasty way!



10. Pool Party Fundraiser

Organizing a pool party fundraiser lets you charge an entrance fee for guests to attend the party. Additional fundraising activities, such as a raffle, silent auction, or poolside games with prizes should also be offered. You could even partner with local businesses to provide food, drinks, or party supplies in exchange for sponsorship. Encourage guests to wear their best tropical attire and promote the event on social media to attract a larger crowd. With creative planning and promotion, a pool party summer fundraiser is another successful way to raise funds for your nonprofit.




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11. Go-Kart Racing Fundraiser

Hosting a go-kart racing fundraiser in the summer is one of the go-to fundraisers these days. Participants pay to race, and all proceeds go to the cause. Sell tickets for spectators to watch and raise more funds. Offer food, drinks, and raffle prizes to make the event more interactive. Set up a donation booth for people to contribute, even if they don't race. And remember to have music playing to keep the energy high!



How FrontStream’s Panorama Can Heat Up Your Summer Fundraiser

Hosting exciting and entertaining fundraisers this summer will get your supporters more involved. With these 11 fundraising ideas, you can definitely reach new donors, increase your nonprofit’s awareness, and raise more for your cause!

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