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Maximize the Reach of Your Peer-to-Peer Event

Panorama’s end-to-end peer-to-peer solution helps you manage your nonprofit’s in-person or virtual walk, run or ride campaign including other mission-funding donation pages to promote maximum engagement and charitable giving. Panorama accommodates all types of events with multiple locations and start times, unique team configurations, complex registration requirements and more. Use our simple, intuitive drag and drop content builder to easily create, edit and configure beautifully branded, mobile responsive event and participant fundraising pages and then spread the word through Panorama’s deep cross-channel engagement tools. Panorama’s robust reporting allows you to gain actionable insights from comprehensive post-event reports to guarantee every event exceeds your goals.

Discover Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Like Never Before

Ensuring every peer-to-peer event is a victory for your nonprofit is no easy feat without the right technology in place. With Panorama’s peer-to-peer solution, you’ll rest assured that you are maximizing your overall fundraising efforts for each event or campaign. Complete with innovative features, from versatile registration options for your participants to multichannel engagement communication and support for ticketing and merchandise purchases, this all-in-one digital solution makes event management easier than ever.

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Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Create a one-of-a-kind in-person or virtual walk, run, ride or DIY campaigns with your own branding and style using easy to configure, drag and drop content templates. Tailor your fundraising website, URL and leaderboards to maintain the look and feel of your brand. You can even apply custom HTML/CSS coding for added personalization using our enterprise solution.

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Personalized Donor Engagement

Stay in touch with participants and donors with easy-to-use customizable email templates. Panorama’s in-app coaching automatically sends your participants creative and dynamic coaching tips, breaking news, incentives and goal updates. Best of all, you can even create, schedule and automate targeted customized messages to registrants and donors based on their individual fundraising activities in your campaign in real time.

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Real-Time Activity Tracking

Add virtual activity challenges to your Panorama subscription and fundraise in real time. With real-time activity tracking, you can implement new virtual peer-to-peer campaigns and seamlessly transition planned in-person fundraising events online. Easily link wearable fitness trackers to a campaign, making every virtual walk, run and ride a fun, complete and engaging experience.

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Powerful Reporting
Powerful Reporting

Gain access to comprehensive and robust reports to see the big picture. Track email stats like opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes to evaluate effectiveness, donor engagement, and success of your email campaigns. Real-time reporting and dashboards allow you to view all your data at a glance, so you can analyze your fundraising success and identify areas for improvement.

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See how United Planet raised $389,430 from 3,719 donors using Panorama’s peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

Boston-based, mission-focused nonprofit organization United Planet offers volunteer opportunities across the globe, helping to create a more peaceful, cohesive and sustainable world. Their goal is to “unite the planet one relationship at a time” by focusing on creating a more immersive, authentic experience for their participating volunteers!

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Ready to raise more funds with your frictionless, fun peer-to-peer event?

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“Our biggest annual fundraising campaign of the year, Bowl for Kids Sake, had been trending downward for a few years. One of the biggest shortcomings we identified with our campaign was a robust, reliable online presence and the P2P technology to compliment it. We had hoped to make an improvement in the amount of funds raised online, as historically 80-90% of our pledges had been in-person. What we did not expect was to have 49% of our total pledges for the campaign come from online in our first year using Panorama. Combined with sponsorship and other fundraising initiatives, we were able to surpass our campaign goal of $80,000 – raising over $85,000!”

Adam Maiolo
Communications and Events Coordinator
Big Brothers Big Sisters of North and West Niagara

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