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All the Features You Need to Elevate Your Online Fundraising

Build donation pages and campaigns the way you want, with your branding, custom fields and questions to personalize the giving experience. With Panorama’s unlimited, branded donation pages, add unique donation form capabilities directly into your website, special project or campaign. FrontStream offers CAPTCHA and in-house payment processing to protect your donors, data and to ensure a seamless payment experience.

Donation Pages that Drive the Most Giving

Rally your supporters around specific projects, giving days or year-end campaigns with beautiful donation pages that speak to your nonprofit’s mission. With intuitive design capabilities, you can rest assured your donation pages and campaigns will align with your brand’s look and feel.

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Easily Promote One-time or Recurring Donations

Encourage more donors to become lifelong supporters with recurring giving options. Donors can split larger donations over multiple months or create a recurring monthly donation that is automatically processed with the credit card of their choice.

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Let Donors Cover Your Costs

With the option for your donors to cover transaction fees, their entire donation goes directly to your organization, helping you raise more.. Our nonprofits say that over 40% of donors decide to pay the credit card processing fees when they donate to a fundraising campaign.

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Raise Funds for a Specific Project or Giving Day
Raise Funds for a Specific Project or Giving Day

Leverage your network of supporters to raise money for specific projects, giving days, year-end fundraising, tribute or memorial campaigns. Raise more with mobile responsive, branded fundraising pages that your donors will love!

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Second Harvest Quickly Kicked Off an Emergency Relief Fund Campaign and Raised Over $50K in First Week

Second Harvest recovers nutritious, unsold food from food businesses before it becomes waste and distributes it to a broad network of social service organizations through its fleet of trucks and its online food donation platform As the largest food rescue organization in Canada, the demand for their services has increased exponentially resulting in the need to launch incremental fundraising efforts with Panorama.

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