40% of donors are extra generous - here's why!

Nonprofits and charities already know how generous and compassionate their donor base can be. People supporting your organization are proven to be willing to help out - which is why our recent findings around our software's "Donors Pay the Fee" feature is no surprise!

Based on data collected from June 2016 to May 2017, we've discovered that 40% of donors opt in to cover the processing fees for a nonprofit's event. According to our numbers, it's common for over 10,000 donors to choose to help pay the fees on behalf of the charity. All this goes to show that even though individuals are already donating, they're also willing to help out just a little bit more.

Here's how you can opt in:

Have the feature turned on

It's a simple first step, but one that can be missed in the rush to set up a fundraising event or campaign. Ensure that the fee amounts are clearly stated and the approval checkbox is in place - and test it from a few different platforms (laptop, smartphone, tablet) to be sure it's operational.

Make sure donors are aware

You're going to want to have the Donors Pay the Fee option front and center on the donation form so people can't miss it. Also, use this opportunity to educate donors on how them paying the fees can help! We recommend including a brief sentence like "Did you know that by covering the processing fee, my cause will be able to help more people?" This goes a long way towards affirming the importance of their support!

Customize it to suit your needs

You're not confined to set options! Configure the option by a percentage of the donation, a specific dollar amount, or use a combination of both. Try three different options - low, medium, and high amounts - and see which figures perform best. No matter what, you're likely to see a bump in added contributions!

Sometimes it really is as simple as asking for a little bit more - you may be surprised by how additionally generous your donors can be. If you're clear on your cause mission and stress the importance of support, then it's well worth taking the time to ask!

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