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Your all-in-one fundraising platform.

Everything you need in one place.

Donor Management

Easily track donations, volunteers, and supporters.

Event Management

Stress-free ticketing, table seating and venue layouts.

Volunteer Management

Promote your opportunities, track projects and record hours.

Easy Online Fundraising

Create an online donation form for your organization in less than 30 minutes.

Powerful Peer-to-Peer Features

Manage a custom “run, walk, ride”, or major online fundraising campaign.


Manage online and live auctions with exciting tools to promote your items.

Mobile Bidding

“Anywhere, anytime” bidding boosts bids and delights attendees.

Employee Giving & Matching

Flexible CSR tools for modern workplace giving campaigns.

Donation & Sponsor Requests

Automate your company’s in-kind donation request process.

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Trusted by over 10,000 nonprofits and corporations

“The integrated features we use from FrontStream help us save a tremendous amount of time and effort by managing donor information and data, not to mention helping us streamline our communication efforts.”

Rachel Weiss

Director of Development, Ben Porat Yosef

“I would absolutely recommend FrontStream. They are helpful and knowledgeable, not only about their system and fundraising, but they understand nonprofits! And you can tell they care about your campaign. They were worth every penny.”

MADD Avalon

“Being able to quickly import the contacts and donation information from FirstGiving into GiftWorks allowed us to have a quick turnaround for analysis and sharing the success of the event with the public.”

Anna Withers

Development Assistant, Sarah's Circle

“I essentially did not find any product that was remotely close to what I wanted to do until I discovered Truist. There are quite a few systems like ours in the nation who employ a lot of people. In my opinion, your product is the only one out there capable of serving this niche.”

John Thompson

Director of Development, Wellmont Foundation