Workplace Giving Campaign: A Sample Employee Communication Schedule

This is the final blog post in our series on increasing employee participation in workplace giving programs. We recommend checking out the first post about creative ways to overcome participation challenges and the second post filled with tips and templates for better engagement.


We've talked about what to say—and options for how to say it—and now it’s time to explore how the pieces come together to engage employees. Creating and documenting your communication schedule will keep you on track for how you drive employee awareness of your campaigns and your workplace giving program. (You may recall from the first part of the series that employee awareness is one of the most significant barriers to participation and engagement.) Below is a sample employee communication schedule outline that you can adapt based on the various ideas you’re going to incorporate into your workplace giving program playbook:




Workplace Giving Campaign Communication Schedule Example 

Pre-Launch Phase (1-2 Weeks Before Campaign Launch)

Week 1

Announcement Teaser

Send a brief teaser email to employees, hinting at the upcoming workplace giving campaign launch. If you’re launching the campaign with a fresh workplace giving program name, theme, or look, this is a great time to reveal (or just hint) the new branding. Create intrigue and excitement. 


Intranet Preview

Post a sneak peek on the company intranet, showcasing what employees can expect from the campaign. And if your company uses Slack, post a “sneak peek” in a channel dedicated to company and employee news and highlights.


Open the Lines

Designate a person who employees can start contacting if they have any questions. It’s never too early to kick off employee engagement in a workplace giving campaign—even if you don’t have all the answers yet—it’s always a great time to open the lines for any potential communication about what’s to come.


Launch Phase (Week of Workplace Giving Campaign Launch)

Day 1

Official Launch Announcement

Send a detailed email announcing the workplace giving campaign. Explain its purpose and provide initial information like what organization(s) they can support, how easy it will be to sign up, how much they can donate, etc.


Intranet Feature

Spotlight the launch on the company intranet with a dedicated section or banner. It’s a great idea to make the link to the intranet feature prominent and easily accessible for everyone.


Day 2

Social Media Blitz

Launch a series of posts on company social media platforms to generate awareness among employees and encourage participation.


Employee Testimonials

Share quotes from employees who have participated in previous years, emphasizing the impact and personal fulfillment workplace giving programs provide. If this is a brand-new workplace giving program for your company, consider asking employees who participated in workplace giving campaigns for prior companies to share what they find so fulfilling about them and why they’re particularly excited about the launch with your company.


Day 3

Webinar/Information Session

Host a live or virtual session to provide in-depth information about the program, its benefits, and how to get involved in the upcoming campaign. 


Lunch with an Ambassador

In addition to a more straightforward virtual session, host a breakfast or lunch with the regional ambassador. If your company comprises fully remote employees or a hybrid/combination of in-person and remote employees, consider hosting the breakfast or lunch on Zoom or your video communication platform so everyone can attend. Also, consider emailing employees a gift card so that the company treats them to a special meal.


Email Reminder

Send a follow-up email summarizing key points from the webinar and encouraging participation. If you can isolate one – three impactful quotes from the regional ambassador, this follow-up email is a great place to use them.


Better yet: See if the regional ambassador is willing to say a few encouraging things to employees in a short recording that you can include in the follow-up email.


Week 2

Ice cream social

Towards the end of the second week, host an in-person, hybrid, or virtual ice cream social for everyone who has participated. Include their ticket to the sweet event in their sign-up confirmation email—also, consider including a discount code for ice cream from an easily accessible brand like Ben & Jerry’s if you run a remote or hybrid working environment.


Email Reminder

Send a follow-up email reminding people to allocate their match and sign up for payroll donations.


Introduce Challenges

Announce fun and engaging challenges related to the giving program to motivate participation. (Take a look at our first blog post of this series for fun challenge ideas!)


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Engagement Phase (Throughout the Workplace Giving Campaign)

Weekly Updates (Every Monday)

Impact Highlights

Share updates on the progress of the workplace giving campaign. Include the number of participants, funds pledged, and volunteer hours logged. These can be a mix of current progress and last year's impact if this isn’t your first year running a workplace giving program. 


Charity Spotlight

Charity Spotlights are a great section in your weekly updates, especially if you partner with specific charities for giving days or volunteering programs or events throughout the year.


Success Stories

Spotlight individual employees or teams who have made significant contributions or achievements. Consider giving these employees a small but thoughtful Thank You for Making a Difference gift, like a half day off from work or a gift card.


Mid-Week Motivation

Send a mid-week email to remind employees of ongoing challenges and encourage them to participate. This is a great time to release new videos or podcast episodes.


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Closing Phase (Last Week of Workplace Giving Campaign)

Final-Push Announcement

Remind employees that there's only one week left to participate in the campaign, but that is still plenty of time to make a real impact.


 Urgency Email

Send a high-impact email emphasizing the urgency to participate before the program closes. Mention their coworkers' impact and how every little bit counts to reach the goal of helping those who need it most.


Last Chance Challenge

Introduce a final challenge to encourage last-minute contributions.


Post-Program Phase (1-2 Weeks After the Program Ends)

Thank You Celebration (Day After Program Ends)

Celebration Announcement

Share a heartfelt thank you message to all participants, highlighting the collective impact they achieved. Let everyone know that there will be more chances to participate.


Impact Report 

Share a detailed report highlighting the program's achievements, including the funds raised, volunteer hours, and the impact on chosen causes.


Remember to adapt this plan based on your specific timeline and the nature of your workplace giving program. An annual signup versus an evergreen campaign offers different opportunities to engage employees. Also, consider incorporating various communication channels (email, intranet, social media, etc.) for maximum reach and engagement.


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