On your mark! Get set!…Is your event ready?!


There's a lot of work that goes into fundraising for an event before I can trot my way to the finish line on the big day!

When your participants have a great experience fundraising, it will be easier for your organization to reach your goal. So, before you launch your big event, I want to make sure your website for your peer to peer campaigns looks like the place to be ... And not like my pig-pen!

Set an Achievable Goal. You might be tempted to set a BIG fundraising goal but that can cause you to trip right-out-of the gate. This is because donors need to believe the goal is achievable, and so does your fundraiser. Start with a smaller goal and if it’s exceeded, you can just set a new mark!

Not sure where to start? Keep in mind how many participants you aim to have fundraise and do the math. Set the fundraiser's suggested goal amount accordingly. Want to raise $10,000 dollars?  50 participants would have to raise a minimum of $200.00 to get you there. That’s just some food for thought. (Mmm food!)

Use Strong Images. You should use pictures that express the spirit of your event and evoke an emotional response to your organization’s cause. High quality images will give a sense of expertise and experience to your event page, and your organization as well. Creating credibility is the best way to gain a donor’s trust and hard earned dollars.

Create Concise Content – Your landing page should explain what your event is, how it will impact what you do as an organization, and how people (and pigs, hee hee) can get involved. I should understand the purpose of the event and what I can do to help within 30 seconds of being on your landing page. To make sure this happens, don’t use a lot of content and overwhelm me with jargon. Get to the point- so I can get to the FUN(draising)!

Remember, the majority of participants won’t write their own content for their team page or personal page. Ensure that you have pre-populated stories for them to use that explains the event from a team and individual perspective. This way, your message and call to action is always getting across.

Keep it Short - Peer-to-peer campaigns are all about momentum! To keep that momentum going I recommend containing the campaign to one or two months. Any longer than this and you’ll lose your captive audience, and your fundraiser s could lose interest.

Make it Fun. Your most successful peer-to-peer campaigns will be the ones that are not only fun for the fundraiser, but fun for your donors too! Have your scoreboard and donor-listing board enabled so they can see their name in lights. Give them shout outs on social media to make them feel like a star. You can even award items to donors who give over a specific amount or fundraisers who raise a specific amount. This will make everyone feel like part of the team.

Event Settings Tab.  Be sure to enable our new features in the Enhanced Fundraising Hub in your Event Settings. This way you will see our snazzy new templates and thermometers!

Don’t think these all features can help? Remember, on average, 40% of donors decide to cover your transaction fees. That’s PIG-TACULAR! Don't forget to turn on the "Donor Pay the Fee" option.

When you’re setting up your event take the time to go through our Event Readiness Checklist to make sure everything is complete. If you have copied an older event you should utilize our Copied Event Checklist too!

Last but not least! Ask your account manager to do an event ‘readiness check’. Their trained eyes will ensure everything is fine tuned and flawless for your big launch. (I hear they're pretty friendly too!)

Hogs and Kisses,

Frank D. Pigg


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