Google's #1 recommendation for nonprofits using Google AdWords


The #1 question Jeff Lui from Google gets is, "How do I make my AdWords campaigns more effective?"

This is a common question from most nonprofits who have received a Google Grant. Google Grants are an in-kind AdWords donation from Google worth $10,000 per month with a daily budget of $329 (now with an updated maximum bid per keyword set at $2). With this great opportunity at their fingertips, nonprofits want to know how to make the most of their AdWords.

When ArtezInterAction 2013 participants had a chance to get a recommendation from Lui during a breakout session this year, they weren't disappointed.

According to Lui, his #1 recommendation to his #1 asked question is segmentation.

Segment your AdWords campaign based on the menu/title bar headings on your website.

Why do this? An emerging trend in "Googling" is that we are searching for more specific things. Instead of searching for Charity X, we're searching for "news updates from Charity X" or "staff list Charity X". 

If your AdWords are only set to direct people to your homepage, you're making them click around your website to find what they are looking for. This can lead to an increased bounce rate. By segmenting AdWords to direct people to specific areas of your site, you're helping to ensure your supporters are getting where they want to go.

One additional interesting piece of information offered by Lui: When your Google ad is on top of your organic listing, your web traffic lifts by 20 per cent.

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