Donor cultivation tips...with Frank D. Pigg!


Farmer-Frank (2)Howdy Folks,

It’s a mighty nice day here watching the dust finally settle after your last big peer-to-peer fundraising event! Think all your work is done? HOGWASH!

(If you think that, well you’re just about two sandwiches shy of a picnic.)

It’s time to cultivate those new donors, so here are my tips for donor cultivation.

  1. Say Thanks – Forgetting to thank your new donors (and hardworking fundraisers) will make them as mad as a mule chewing on bumblebees!

If you want to build a loyal following, then you have to build relationships. Your new donors gave in support of a friend or family member; now you need to make the case for why they should continue to support you. Tell them about all the great work you do year-round, that volunteering is always needed, new events are just around the corner, and that becoming a monthly donor is the best way to ensure you can continue to do the good that you do. Golly, I'm sold!

Following the Donor Cycle is the best way to ensure your new donors get the attention and acknowledgement they need to give again:

Donor Cycle

Identification – First, run your reports and find your new donors.

Cultivation – Warming up the relationship before asking for support is essential in most cases. This can be done with the 'thank you' you sent for supporting your event.

Solicitation – Too many fundraising emails never have a clear 'call to action' that lets the donor know just how much you hope they will contribute, while also urging them to give now.

Stewardship – Saying "thank you" is always necessary, but it’s just the beginning. Tell them how their gifts are making a difference.

  1. Analyze Your Results – When I hear about you not using your data correctly, well, that just dills my pickle. At the end of every campaign you should be analyzing your results and look for trends! Think about:
  • Which donation amount was the most popular?
  • How many new donors did you get?
  • Which emails had the most open rates?
  • How many participants came back from last year?
  • Which individual or team raised the most money? What were their tactics?
  1. Learn & Improve - There’s no such thing as a perfect campaign. Every campaign you create and run can be improved for next year. Have a debrief meeting with your team and review the pain points and highlights of your event. Send a survey out to your fundraisers and team captains to gain their insight on how it went. What did they enjoy? What would they change?
  2. Ask a Professional - Ask your FrontStream Account Manager to do an event debrief review. Your account manager is always there to help you see the big picture. They will also suggest industry best practices, and provide insights about upcoming new features in the product so you can plan your event accordingly.

Anyhow, I hope you have found these tips insightful. I promise you by following these tips you will make your next campaign look nicer than a glob of butter melting on a stack of pancakes.

Y’all come back now!

Hogs and Kisses,

Frank D. Pigg




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