A call to action donors can’t ignore


Tell the donor what action to take, when, how and why! Especially in today’s world of short attention spans, dominance of quick web communications, and preponderance of urgency, you need an appeal that is hard to ignore. 

Some pointers:

  • Call to action must be prominent, in a place and in font or colors where it can’t be missed. (Remember most readers look only at the first paragraph and the postscript.)
  • Identify the specific action: Click the Donate button, write your check, call to volunteer, etc.
  • The action must be feasible for the donor to accomplish now, before he sets the letter aside.
  • Visualize the reader taking that action.  If you can’t visualize it (“raising awareness”), your reader won’t either.

People want to make a difference. If you’re not telling them how to make an immediate difference, you’re not hitting the right buttons. An appeal letter isn’t meant to convince people of the long-term accomplishments of your organization; it’s meant to spur them to immediate action.

Using tips like these, you'll help lead your donors to the steps you want them to take. Fit that into your organization's overall strategy and you'll have another tool to reach your goals.

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