Are your board members bored?

They may be your most loyal supporters, best givers, and most active leaders. But you can’t afford to neglect them. If board members are really connected to your mission, there’s no holding them back!

Are your board meetings routine? Do they feel like people get together merely to rubber stamp staff plans? (“Would you miss me if I weren’t there?”) No doubt many of your board members have experience on other boards (for-profit and nonprofit). They have an idea of what an effective board looks like. Make sure your meetings meet their expectations.

Does each meeting contain something of substance about one of your programs or future planning? Are you building the interest of board members in more active participation? Just as The Voice has a strategy to make each episode more thrilling than the last, you need a board development plan that cultivates your board members and keeps them coming!

In the same vein, think about work assignments you give to board members. Go beyond “We hope you’ll all support the fundraiser”; once in a while think of a meaty job that a board member may be particularly qualified to handle.

Engage your board both as a group and as individuals to keep them engaged and involved!

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