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This series is hosted by FrontStream’s fundraising experts Laura Armstrong, Marketing Manager – Events and Public Relations, and Claire Kerr, Director of Digital Philanthropy.

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Asking For More podcast

Episode 8: “Stories are the #1 way to cut through the noise”

Julia C. Campbell has been in your shoes and she gets it! As the author of “Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits”, Julia knows how to build successful digital storytelling campaigns. She shares her insights in today’s episode.

And, we have a special treat: Listen to the podcast to hear how you can win a copy of her book!

Listening notes:
2:40 Why being laid-off at 8 months pregnant was the best thing that happened to Julia.
9:10 Why Laura is obsessed with Julia’s book on storytelling!
10:30 Are nonprofits too concerned about the tools (Facebook, Snapchat, etc.) rather than the strategy & content?
14:00 What kinds of emotions prompt people to take action?
18:20 Why we shouldn’t throw facts at people if we can tell a story instead.
26:30 How a $10-a-month recurring gift turned into the most powerful donor story you’ve ever heard.
28:30 Different story approaches for different generations?
33:50 The power of ambassadors who can tell your story for you online.
40:00 Why it doesn’t matter how many followers or views you have on social media.
48:00 Understanding your nonprofit’s brand voice and viewpoint.
50:00 How you can win a copy of Julia’s book (It’s easy & fun!!!)

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Enter our contest – Remember, keep it below 2200 characters (the length of an Instagram post) TELL US YOUR STORY!

Episode 7: “I don’t read resumes”

We chat with Kathryn Ducey of Linkus Group about recognizing talent, improving your relationships at work, and noticing people’s “tells”! Kathryn offers great advice for both job hunters and folks who are hiring at a nonprofit.

At the end of this podcast you’ll be thinking differently about where you place your glass of water…

Listening notes:
2:00 Why Kathryn makes it a habit to meet 10 new people a day.
4:40 How to discover your competitive advantage.
7:50 Why Kathryn believes recruiters exist and why companies have trouble finding talent.
15:20 The power of storytelling at work.
18:50 Kathryn unpacks how the “overhead myth” affects the charitable sector.
22:00 How recognizing patterns can give you insight into an individual’s personality.
24:00 What are the new rules of engagement for job hunting?
30:00 Doing what it takes to get the job without being weird!
33:50 Negotiating salary – what’s appropriate?
38:00 Why it’s all about emotional intelligence now.
46:00 Where can a professional go to learn about improving hiring practices?
48:00 “Excel is my hobby!!!”
49:00 Promoting from within – Are you recognizing internal talent?
56:50 Overcoming objections and hearing “no”.
58:00 Why people want to have purpose in their work.
1:04 Why customer service is the new marketing.

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Episode 6: “I don’t mind being the oldest intern in the room.”

It’s double the fun(draising) with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation’s Ashleigh Saith, Manager of Annual Programs, and Katy Pedersen, Manager, Peer-to-Peer and Special Projects. We chat about everything from fostering a culture of innovation at work to how the media portrays people who work for charities!

Listening Notes
5:00 – Why Holland Bloorview is hacking toys and designing video games for rehab.
7:32 – Why Claire’s pitch for a “fundraising battle!” didn’t go as expected.
9:40 – What it means to disrupt the traditional fundraising model from leadership gifts on down.
13:40 – A nonprofit culture where “failure is ok” and looking outside the nonprofit sector for new ideas.
14:45 – How the fitness community (#FitFam) has great examples for community building.
21:30 – What does “family centered care” mean when applied to fundraising?
24:30 – Dealing with stigma and misconceptions about jobs in fundraising.
27:50 – What can you do with a history degree?
30:00 – What kind of training makes you a better professional fundraiser?
32:00 – How Charity Savant’s programs provide career and organizational development for people in the nonprofit sector.
34:00 – Why do people say they want to move into the nonprofit sector?
40:00 – Techniques to boost your peer-to-peer event fundraising and engagement.
46:00 – Ways to identifying compelling patient and donor stories.
49:00 – Why Holland Bloorview’s corporate volunteer program is fully BOOKED.

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Episode 5: “It frosts my patootie!”

We chat with Ann Rosenfield, MBA, CFRE, 2018’s AFP Toronto Congress Chair, all-around awesome person, and award-winning professional fundraiser! She is the Principal for Charitably Speaking and the Editor for Hilborn Charity eNews.

Listening notes:
3:00 Why should people get involved in an organization like the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)?
6:30 Why being the youngest person in the room can be a GOOD thing.
11:00 How can we work together to broaden opportunities for underrepresented groups?
17:20 Helping executives and c-suite understand what they need in a professional fundraiser.
22:00 Should young fundraisers think about major gifts and legacy giving as a specialization?
26:45 Walking into a room where everyone looks like your mother, your aunt, and your fifth grade teacher.
30:45 The power of learning about fundraising in different contexts and from international case studies.
34:00 What makes for a good board member and how can employees improve working with boards?
36:30 How do you know when you’re READY to speak at a conference or workshop?
42:30 Etiquette lesson: The best way to “pick someone’s brain” and impress someone you want to ask for coffee.
48:50 How to reach Laura if you are offended by the word “patootie”.

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Special Live Episode: “What if you could double tap to donate?”

In September, FrontStream hosted a networking evening and panel discussion in Toronto as part of the Realize event series!

Our special guests included Sarah Golan of Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga, Mimosa Kabir of War Child Canada, and Brady Josephson of Nonprofit Supply Co.

In this podcast episode, our expert nonprofit professionals dive into what it’s like to work in the charitable sector, answering the big questions:

-Why did you want to work in the nonprofit sector and how did you get there?

-What misconceptions and myths do others have about your job?

-Should marketing and fundraising work together, and why are they so often in silos?

-Do events results in a good return on investment for nonprofit organizations?

-Why do charities struggle to see the value of digital marketing?

-Which other charitable organizations inspire you to try new things?

-What’s it like to have multiple generations (Gen Z, Baby Boomers, Xennials!) in the workplace?

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The Realize Event series has brought nonprofit professionals together in Toronto, Chicago, and next up is Dallas in February 2018. We’re coming to more cities in 2018, so stay tuned!

Episode 3 – “Job markets are changing, and experience should be the key focus”

Meet Will Webb, philanthropy assistant at The 519, a Toronto organization dedicated to advocacy for the inclusion of LGBTQ communities. In this week’s episode, we chat with Will about all things events, volunteer management, and what it’s like working for a cause you connect with.

Listening notes:

1:50 – Getting to know Will and The 519
4:24 – Event management at George Brown
6:24 – Common misconceptions with being a fundraiser
10:58 – What kinds of tech do you have to use day-to-day?
13:00 – Thoughts on volunteer management
16:46 – Signature events at The 519
21:50 – Building corporate partnerships
28:35 – Finding inspiration for events and fundraising
31:00 – Measuring success and progress in your programs
36:45 – Insights on Giving Tuesday and holiday campaigns
42:37 – Working for a cause you have a connection to
45:09 – What to expect when transitioning to a nonprofit career

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Episode 2: “Nonprofits ARE businesses. Just plain and simple.”

Meet Brady Josephson, Chief Strategist, Shift, and CEO, Nonprofit Supply Co.!

 “If you’re a great organization offline, it’s easy to be a great organization online.”

We chat with Brady about being a “charity nerd”, why optimizing your digital content is so important, and why you should try emailing folks while they’re on the couch watching Netflix! (No spoilers for Narcos season 3.)

In this podcast we discuss:

3:40 Are traditional fundraising conferences still relevant to today’s nonprofit professionals?
5:00 Why Brady teaches digital strategies for NPOs and how the lack of digital curriculum hurts professionals.
8:00 Big question: Should charities be run like businesses?
15:10 Good takeaway tips for optimizing your email communications!
18:20 Why testing content matters and so does creating a “culture of testing” at your organization.
23:40 Three big elements every donation page should have!
26:40 The power of suggested giving levels to create a value proposition for donors.
29:10 Organizations we admire for their online presence right now.
32:30 Why you should be measuring online campaigns over a 2-year period.
34:00 We agree your front-line day-to-day activities on social media should NOT be outsourced.
36:00 Why Brady is putting 100% of paid ad spend towards Facebook.
40:00 The quickest, easiest way to optimize your online ad send!
44:10 What it’s like to transition out of the nonprofit sector and ask Jimmie Alford for 500 dollars.
49:00 The power of building your own online profile and personal brand!

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Episode 1: “Admin cost is ME!”

Meet Mimosa Kabir, Officer, Events & Creative Partnerships at War Child Canada.

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Humber College Fundraising & Volunteer Management Certificate

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