Simple Steps to Conquer Virtual Fundraising

For some, the idea of virtual fundraising might seem new or challenging. What the last two years have shown us is that online and virtual fundraising are also essential for nonprofits' overall reach and growth.  

Virtual and online donations and campaigns are now a part of the new normal when it comes to nonprofit fundraising. But how do you start creating virtual fundraising events? Luckily, we have put together some simple steps to help you conquer your next virtual fundraiser:  


1. Using a Digital Fundraising Platform: 

One of the critical steps in planning your next virtual fundraiser is choosing a digital fundraising platform. Digital fundraising platforms like Panorama can help you plan, manage, promote and securely process your fundraising events. 

Digital fundraising platforms can be used year-round for any type of event including peer-to-peer, auctions, and online events. With tools like Panorama, you and your donors can fundraiser on your own time and on your own terms. Digital fundraising tools allow you to design and deploy your nonprofit fundraising event and drive brand loyalty by customizing all digital channels, including web pages, donation forms, mobile bidding pages, thank you emails, text reminders, and more! These tools are important to have when planning your donor communication strategy for your next virtual event.  

Utilizing digital fundraising tools can help nonprofits expand their reach, target new audiences and develop effective communication strategies. Virtual fundraising efforts are continuously evolving and investing in the right fundraising platform can help you stay on top of trends and communicate with your donors.  


2. Create Engaging Donations and Campaign Pages: 

Another important step in preparing your virtual fundraiser is to create engaging donation and campaign pages for your supporters to donate to or register for the event. By incorporating fun campaign pages into your virtual fundraiser, donors from outside your community can easily find your fundraiser, donate to your cause and share your event publicly through social channels and emails.  

Donation and campaign pages allow you to encourage more donors to become lifelong supporters with multiple giving options such as recurring giving, and donor cover the fee. Market data shows that 50-60% of donors opt to cover the processing fees for online donations when given the option.  

By creating fun and unique fundraising pages, donors will be more inclined to view your online page, research your organization, and register or donate to your virtual event. Having your event information online can help your nonprofit expand its reach to supporters globally. 


Mount Hope Farm Annual Appeal


3. LiveStreaming Your Event to Donors and Supporters: 

It is difficult to overstate the power of virtual fundraising. It reaches wider audiences, generates excitement, and can bring your supporters together from all over the world.  For example, more than 63% of people aged 18-34 watch live-streaming content regularly. Incorporating livestream with your fundraising events enables you to reach new demographics of donors from across the globe. 

The benefits of livestreaming don’t end with audience growth. It also helps you increase engagement with your donors. Livestreaming allows you to chat with donors and registrants, answer any of their questions in real-time, and see how people react to your event as it occurs. This way people can attend and engage with your virtual event from the comfort of their own homes.  

You can sign up today to try FrontStream’s new livestreaming feature at your next virtual fundraising event.  


Virtual Fundraising Success Stories:  

Jacksonville Humane Society:  

Jacksonville Humane Society modified their annual fundraiser “The Mutt March” to 100% virtual in 2020. They updated the normal sponsorship benefits to include increased virtual exposure for sponsors. Normally sponsors were able to host tables during the festival and pass out coupons or special incentives to draw in new business. Instead, the team created a page on their website where participants could access coupons and still have a chance to support the sponsors. They also created their traditional "Wag Bags" which attendees were able to collect from Jacksonville Humane Society using curbside pickup. 

Instead of an in-person walk, they hosted a Facebook Live parade of dogs and encouraged participants to take their dogs for socially distance safe walks (and cuddle their cats) and post photos with the hashtag #muttmarch on social media. Read the full story here.


cat and dog cuddling


Shriners Hospitals for Children- Canada: 

During the lock-down, Shriners Hospitals for Children- Canada's organizers and fundraisers got inspired and united supporters through a virtual event. 

Before the pandemic, their young patient ambassadors hosted a lemonade stand at the Canada Shriners Hospital Invitational golf tournament event to raise extra funds. The kids were saddened by the news of the events cancellation, but the ambassadors decided to generate a "buzz" by creating a virtual lemonade stand. Read the story.


donation for Shriners hospital


Virtual fundraising allows your nonprofit to expand its reach and target new donors. With these simple steps, you will be able to conquer any obstacles when planning and creating your perfect virtual fundraiser! 


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