How to Run a Successful Endurance Event Post-Lockdown

As the weather starts to get warmer, more and more people are excited to take part in outdoor events. After two years of postponed or canceled peer-to-peer fundraisers, supporters cannot wait to attend outdoor social gatherings such as walks, rides, or runs. 

Walks, runs, and rides have been a staple of peer-to-peer fundraising for decades. But many question if the same number of supporters will return to participate in their peer-to-peer event as they did pre-covid. To get your supporters engaged and to increase donor participation, here are a few strategies on how to host a successful walk, run or ride event post-covid:  


Hybrid Walk, Ride or Run 

As many supporters are excited about the return of outdoor peer-to-peer events, some still might not feel comfortable participating in events with large groups of people. But by including a hybrid option in your event, you can attract supporters from areas outside your community.  

For example, to interact with participants who cannot attend your in-person event, you can plan to livestream your fundraiser. Supporters can view your event from the comfort of their own homes. Supporters can also donate during the event through livestreaming platforms and write comments in real-time. Livestreaming an event allows individuals to attend from all over the world. You can sign-up to try FrontStream’s new livestreaming feature at your next event!


Tip: If you want all your supporters to participate in the event, you can also try adding a virtual or online component. Studies show that 54% of participants prefer to fundraiser online. Have your walkers, runners, or riders finish the race within a certain time frame, at their own convenience, and allow them to track their progress online. That way, supporters can still participate in the event but from a safe distance. 

Grab this free peer-to-peer event-planning template!


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Incorporating Online Fundraising Tools 

One of the best ways to get your supporters engaged in your peer-to-peer event is through digital and online fundraising tools. With digital fundraising platforms, such as Panorama, you can manage your nonprofit’s in-person or virtual walk, run or ride campaign and other mission-funding donation pages to promote maximum engagement and charitable giving. 

Digital fundraising tools can help your organization reach a new audience and expand your donor base. Online donations are a part of the new normal when it comes to fundraising. For nonprofits to succeed, they must adapt to this ever-changing landscape. 


Have Fun! 

The most important factor in hosting a successful post-covid fundraiser is to make sure to have fun! With peer-to-peer fundraising tools, there is no need to stress about the preparation of your event. 33% of nonprofits use peer-to-peer fundraising platforms like Panorama. These tools can help plan and manage your fundraising event. 

That leaves you time to enjoy your event and engage with all your donors and supporters. 


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As fundraising efforts progress, nonprofits need to adapt to this post-pandemic world. From color runs to turkey trots, many supporters are excited to return to in-person events, while others still are skeptical. Adding hybrid and virtual options to your peer-to-peer events can help increase your overall engagement and audience reach.  

Let’s make the most of your walk, run or ride fundraising event this year! 


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