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How #BellLetsTalk takes CSR to new heights

Bell Let’s Talk, sponsored by Bell Media in Canada, is meant to focus specifically on sharing stories of mental illness in order to help normalize the struggles that people go through. The yearly initiative has been going strong since 2010 – here’s what happened in 2017.

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Why are challenge fundraising campaigns so popular?

Drynuary. Veganuary. You might have seen these words pop up on your social feeds in the last few months, and even though a few might be tongue-twisters, they’re all for a good cause. They’re challenge campaigns, and they’re held by nonprofits to raise both funds and awareness for various causes.

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Success Story: Irish Repertory Theatre

As the off-Broadway home for Irish and Irish-American drama in New York City, the Irish Repertory Theatre needed a solution to help their gala’s fundraising auction raise more money – and they found that in BiddingForGood.

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Better know your baby boomers!

Millennials and Generation Z may be the hot demographics of the day, but it’s wise not to discount the “baby boomers” – people between the ages of 49 and 67. Keep boomers in mind, because this age group gives more money to charity than any others.

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Corporate philanthropy: a top employee perk

There’s one workplace perk that’s valuable to both employee satisfaction and employee retention: corporate giving. More than ever, charity-minded employees are looking for ways to give back to nonprofits of their choice.

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2017 fundraising resolutions for nonprofits!

If you’ve got aspirations for an improved year, you’ve likely made some New Year’s resolutions for yourself: exercise more frequently, eat right, stick to a financial budget. But take a look at their health of your nonprofit – does it need some New Year’s resolutions as well?

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Gearing up for January webinars

You know what your resolution for 2017 should be? Attend more webinars. Lucky for you, we can help you ace that resolution with our series of webinars for January 2017 – we’re here to help you learn about fundraising, online auctions, and so much more.

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Winter fundraising ideas

If you want to lift some spirits in the darker months of winter and also raise some money for a good cause, there are a number of winter-themed fundraiser ideas to consider. This time of year is exactly when charities need your support!

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