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Easy Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The perfect coaching tip at the perfect time

The Intelligent Fundraising Engine™ tailors communications to each participant based on actions they have (or have not!) taken in your campaign. They’ll get creative coaching tips, breaking news, incentives and goal updates. You can even create and schedule customized messages to registrants and donors based on their individual fundraising activities in your campaign so far!

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Predictive technology helps you raise 20% more

Artez’s Dynamic Donation Amounts™ feature automatically customizes the suggested giving amounts on your donation forms and peer-to-peer fundraising pages. It analyzes the giving behavior of your past donors and seamlessly changes your donation levels to encourage higher donations. Benchmarking research shows that donation forms with Dynamic Donation Amounts™ enabled saw average donation sizes rise by an incredible 20%!

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Built-in employer gift matching on every pledge

The majority of Fortune 500 companies match employee donations to charitable organizations..often dollar-for-dollar! Artez includes free and integrated corporate gift matching on every online donation form, allowing your organization to potentially DOUBLE each pledge. A trusted database of over 20,000 North American employers is built right into the donation process.

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Let donors cover your costs

An incredible 40% of online donors to campaigns managed on the Artez platform choose to add a small amount to their donation to “cover the transaction fee”. Configure the option by a percentage of the donation, a specific dollar amount, or use a combination of both. Your organization can even customize the “top up” option wording to tell your donors why it’s important to give.

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Innovative features to boost your overall fundraising

Versatile Registration Options

Manage national run/walk/rides or major campaigns with multiple locations and start times, unique team configurations, complex registration requirements and more.

Multichannel Donation Forms

Create as many different donation forms as you need for any appeal, campaign, or crowdfunding project. You can even add custom eCards or “in honor/memory” options for donors.

Improve Activation Rates

Boost the number of people who raise donations in your event with minimum fundraising amounts, pre-determined fundraising goals, and “charge the credit card later” options.

Mobile Fundraising

All fundraising pages and donation forms are automatically mobile-optimized. You can even create your own branded iPhone and Android apps for your event.

Monthly Giving

It’s easy to create and manage a monthly (or ‘recurring’) donation program for your cause. Allow your donors to choose how much, how frequently, and when they want to support you each month.

Ticketing & Purchases

Sell physical goods (like a t-shirt), virtual goods (like a goat for a family in need), or tickets to a gala. You can even allow your event participants to purchase campaign gear as they register for your event.

Trusted by the organizations you know and love

“We attribute much of our fundraising growth to the variety of multichannel tools provided by Artez to easily market and share your story with friends. The feedback reported from our fundraisers and walk managers across the country has been a superior user experience which is a relief as our chapters expand each year.”

Jay Patel

Web Systems Manager, National Hemophilia Foundation

“I would absolutely recommend Artez. They are helpful and knowledgeable, not only about their system and fundraising, but they understand nonprofits! And you can tell they care about your campaign. They were worth every penny.”

MADD Avalon