Real-Time Activity Tracking for Your Virtual Fitness Challenge Campaigns


With real-time activity tracking, you can implement new virtual peer-to-peer campaigns and seamlessly transition planned in-person fundraising events online. Easily link wearable fitness trackers to a campaign, making every virtual walk, run and ride a fun and unforgettable, engaging experience by taking your participants through a virtual journey map.


Track and Reach Your Fundraising Goals

Once your nonprofit’s virtual event is up and running, watch the real-time fundraising money meter climb with every donation. Your participants will work up a sweat and reach your fundraising goals at the same time!


Quickly Set Up Your Virtual Campaign

Shift planned in-person events online or create fresh, innovative virtual peer-to-peer campaigns to raise money for your nonprofit’s cause. Set up a beautifully branded fundraising landing page with details on the virtual event, mission goals, as well as buttons to register and donate, all in a matter of minutes.


Fundraise in Real-Time

Participants can challenge friends, family and coworkers to walk, run or ride in a virtual fitness challenge and see their progress to key milestones in real-time on a fun and engaging virtual map. Explore the top fundraisers and discover the teams and individuals to beat on the interactive leaderboard. Participate in raising funds for the causes you care about – anywhere, anytime.


Start Fundraising with a Virtual Peer-to-Peer Event Today

Participants will simply sync a FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch or other preferred fitness tracker or smartphone to the virtual campaign and start moving! Your supporters are on their way to an active and engaging way to fundraising for your nonprofit.


Get Fit and Fundraise at the Same Time, in Real-Time

Spring into action by creating a virtual activity campaign. Your participants will be able to invite friends and family to participate and watch their team rack up steps, miles or kilometers to achieve distance goals, while raising money for a cause--putting the “fun” back in fundraising!


Stay Connected Through Group and Individual Chats

Teams can send motivational messages in the group chat feature, keeping in touch and keeping moving toward movement and money goals. Participants can encourage healthy competition with team members and rivals through in-app one-to-one in individual messages. All is fair in fitness and fundraising!


Register with the Click of a Button

It’s as easy as ABC, 123. Create a virtual fitness campaign, join as an individual or team and input contact info to get moving! Make fitness fun, one virtual activity challenge at a time.

Can’t wait to help your supporters get moving
while raising money to do good?

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