FrontStream Debuts the Nonprofit Industry’s First and Only Fully Integrated Virtual Fundraising Solution

At FrontStream, we are committed to helping nonprofits raise more to do more good in the world. Our mission is clear, even in the current disruptive and uncertain times as COVID-19 rages through the world, causing nonprofits to cancel events and threatening to derail missions that are needed more than ever. That is why, today, we are excited to unveil a new, innovative enhancement to our Panorama virtual all-in-one digital fundraising solution that empowers nonprofits to implement new and seamlessly transition planned in-person fundraising events – including walks, runs and rides – online with the click of a button. This revolutionary   integration links Panorama peer-to-peer events with smartphones and wearable fitness trackers for real-time activity tracking, and provides an engaging and fun user experience for your supporters so they can participate in raising funds for causes they care about, anywhere, anytime with any smartphone or fitness device, while practicing social distancing.

A recent survey from the  Nonprofit Finance Fund uncovered that a whopping 75% of nonprofits are experiencing a decrease in earned revenue and 60% are going through destabilizing conditions that threaten long-term financial security. But, demand for  nonprofits’ services continues to rise, and nonprofits must figure out a way to adapt to meet them.

Responding to nonprofits’ urgent needs, our new solution provides real-time activity tracking, enabling a complete, 360-degree view of fundraising efforts, thanks to deep technical integrations with employee health and wellness solutions leading provider, MoveSpring.

To help keep your fundraising goals on track during these challenging times, see our tips and strategies below.


Driving Digital Donations through Deep Technical Integration

FrontStream and MoveSpring teamed up to provide a first-of-its-kind, truly virtual fundraising solution that seamlessly syncs with fan-favorite fitness trackers including wearables and smartphones accessible through its all-in-one digital fundraising platform, Panorama. It is the only solution of its kind available to nonprofits today and is specifically designed to drive participant engagement and donations through gamification and real-time activity tracking.

By moving events online, nonprofits can quickly and easily organize and implement fundraisers, while maintaining a branded presence throughout the virtual experience. In a time where social interaction, remaining physically active and helping out are more important than ever, leveraging the virtual fundraising solution is a fun, collective way to raise money for a cause.


Putting the Virtual in Virtual Fundraising

Whether on a mobile phone, computer desktop, or web-browser, organizing a virtual fundraising event is a simple and efficient experience, when you use Panorama. If you are already a FrontStream customer, it’s just a few easy steps to  enable the virtual challenge feature for your event. You’ll  create a MoveSpring account that syncs with the platform, allowing your supporters to easily join and participate in your virtual event almost immediately.

You can then configure and personalize your event by choosing from one of three different activity types based on distance traveled, steps accumulated or minutes spent during the campaign. Throughout the onboarding process, FrontStream’s customer success team will be available to help guide nonprofits to create effective and engaging virtual events. Your participants and donors will appreciate the seamless user interface of the mobile optimized and web-based personalized event pages.

Within the scheduled timeframe of the event, virtual participants will be able to effortlessly connect their smartphones or wearable devices to the campaign, showing their and other participants’ journeys along a configurable virtual map viewed on either a web-browser or through MoveSpring’s mobile app. Major milestones, personal records and comments of encouragement from participants and donors are prevalently displayed in the dashboard. And, digital donation is more convenient than ever through built-in donate now buttons located on all donor-facing pages.


A Frictionless Digital Fundraising Experience that Opens the Door to More Giving

Though we are in the midst of COVID-19, virtual fundraising is required. But, even after things return to the new normal, adopting an ongoing virtual fundraising strategy is a great way to reach new audiences that otherwise would not be able to participate in in-person events, such as donors with hectic schedules or those who live in rural areas. Virtual events are key for engaging tech-savvy millennial and Gen Z donors, while remaining user-friendly enough for any generation of do-gooders to participate.

FrontStream’s first-of-its-kind, truly virtual fundraising peer-to-peer solution is a convenient and cost-effective way to prevent event cancellations and simply move existing in-person events online or create new digital fitness challenges to meet donors where they are.

As the world evolves through digital transformation, many nonprofits have been rethinking and revamping traditional peer-to-peer fundraising events to include digital fundraising techniques, like (you guessed it) virtual events. COVID-19 only accelerated this inevitable change. By incorporating virtual events into their overall fundraising strategy, nonprofits can extend the reach of their donor programs to attract and retain more donors, prepare for the unexpected, and significantly increase their event ROI by reducing costs and expenses associated with in-person events.

The virtual fitness event option is available to all Panorama Enterprise customers by simply clicking a button to move an existing event online or as an option for new events currently in the planning stages.

For more information on how to kickstart your virtual fundraising, watch the on-demand video or schedule a consultation today.

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