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The Giving Tuesday movement is all about philanthropy and donating to charity. Giving Tuesday itself falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving every year and is a great opportunity for organizations of all sizes to reach out to their donors and ask for support. However, many organizations that plan on doing either in-person or virtual fundraising on this day need outside expertise or resources to create effective email campaigns and spread the word about their event. That's where we come in! In this blog post, we will outline 15 Giving Tuesday email examples you can use as inspiration for your campaign.

1. “Save the Date” Email

One of the first emails you should send out should make its way into inboxes before Giving Tuesday. A “Save The Date” email is a great way to start drumming up excitement for your Giving Tuesday campaign.

The following example shows how to grab interest and make readers aware that an important event is coming up. Note that it also includes a simple “call to action”–a button that readers can click to get notified when the campaign launches. Not only can this increase engagement, but it helps the event stick in readers' minds and increases turnout as well.

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2. “Launch” Email

When Giving Tuesday itself arrives, send out launch emails in the morning. These emails can be as minimal or elaborate as you'd like; however, make sure it outlines a clear action that readers can take. The following example is sleek and streamlined, containing a compelling image, a simple statement of what your donation will do, and a button to click to participate.

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3. “Matching Gift” Email

A great motivator that works well for getting extra funds is the matching gift offer. People are much more likely to donate if their contribution is multiplied by someone else. If you are a nonprofit, consider contacting a corporate sponsor to match donations. If you are a corporation, you can drive your audience to give more by offering to match all donations yourself. 

The following email uses simple imagery of a heart multiplied by two to illustrate the concept. It is then followed by several examples of how the reader can participate quickly and easily.

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4. Donation Confirmation and Perks Emails

Another way to encourage donations is to offer perks. In this example, donors are entered into a drawing for their donation. This email is also a great opportunity to confirm the donation receipt and give thanks to the participant. When people feel appreciated for their gifts, they are more likely to give again in the future.

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5. Personalized Requests for Loyal Supporters 

Giving Tuesday is a great time to reach out to those who have supported you in the past. Consider personalizing the email with the donor's name and acknowledging their past gifts to motivate them to give again. The example below does this well with simple imagery showing past participation, followed by a brief message and a clickable button enabling easy contribution.

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6. Compelling Personal Stories of Those Helped 

Studies have shown that people are more compelled to give if they hear personal stories about individuals versus general stories about the larger population helped. People yearn for personal connection. In the below example, that connection is made via an email with the image and story of an adorable puppy for a nice tug on the heartstrings. 

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7. “Learn More” Emails

You can also use Giving Tuesday as an opportunity to raise awareness and provide opportunities for people to learn more about your organization. Consider creating an email that summarizes your mission and goals with a teaser enticing the reader to learn more with the click of a button. Once the reader makes it onto your website, they can then access compelling stories and learn about how donations help the community. The more you draw a reader in, the more likely they are to want to participate in any donation campaigns.

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8. The “Urgency Creator” Email

Giving Tuesday is just a single day. This provides an opportunity for you to use a countdown or sense of urgency to encourage donations. In the example email below, it is clear that the clock is ticking, and the reader must act fast to participate. Make sure to include clickable links to streamline the donation process!

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9. Make it Easy to Give With the Right Email

The easier it is to donate or participate, the more likely people will do so. In the example below, readers can participate by simply rounding up their change at checkout. To the donor, it feels easy and inexpensive. But multiply the effect by your entire email list, and you can raise substantial funds. So again, be sure to make it as easy as possible to participate by including clear calls to action and clickable links.

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10. Plan for Giving Beyond Giving Tuesday 

Giving Tuesday also provides an opportunity to promote long-term giving. The following email demonstrates how to make a personal connection and encourages readers to incorporate giving into their budgets.

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11. “Review the Journey” Email

Use Giving Tuesday as a chance to show your readers how far you've come (and how far you have left to go), as well as an opportunity to thank them for making those accomplishments possible with their generosity.  First, provide an overview of major milestones from the past year, including a brief summary of impact and importance. Follow this up by describing your future goals and a call to action that entices readers to help. Seeing the journey so far provides a sense of momentum and excitement and makes readers want to be a part of your story. 

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12. “Ways Donations Help” Email

Similar to the compelling personal story email )but from a more general perspective) consider sending an email outlining how donations can help change lives. When people give money, they like to know exactly what their funds are used for. So show them and follow up with a call to action!

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13. “Showing The Impact” Email 

Showing impact highlights your organization’s success. Send an email outlining exactly what has been accomplished with past donations. Like the example below, incorporate visually appealing graphics that illustrate each milestone. Note that this example also includes links beneath each impact, allowing users to share on Twitter. Readers can take part in spreading the word with a simple click and help you reach an even larger audience!

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14. “Goal Updates” Emails 

Throughout the day on Giving Tuesday, consider sending update emails showing how close you are to reaching that day's goals vs how far you have to go. Similar to the "The Journey" email, this provides a sense of momentum and compels readers to become part of the story. A clickable link at the end makes it easy for them to do so.

Note in the below example the use of a ticker showing amounts raised. Incorporating graphics that illustrate progress is a great way to enhance your message.

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15. The “Thank You” Email

Possibly the most important email of Giving Tuesday is the “Thank You” email. When you thank your donors, you let them know they're appreciated and that you're thinking of them. In turn, they are more likely to keep thinking of you, will speak positively of your organization to their friends and family, and are more likely to donate again in the future. 

While you can send a thank-you acknowledgment immediately after a donation is made, you should also consider sending one out a few days after Giving Tuesday that summarizes how a donor’s gift contributed to the overall Giving Tuesday goals. 

The example below shows a thank you email sent to conference participants, but the same idea applies. Note that it is personalized, provides updates, and ends with the opportunity for the participant to share feedback. You can do the same with a Giving Tuesday Thank You message. In fact, feedback is priceless–it can help guide your future donation campaigns and steer you toward ways to reach even more donors and raise even more funds. 

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Taking These Giving Tuesday Ideas to the Next Level with FrontStream

If you're like most Giving Tuesday participants, you want your Giving Tuesday campaign to be as successful as possible. But what does success look like?

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  2. Use social media to promote your campaign: Utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spread the word about your Giving Tuesday campaign. Be sure to use Giving Tuesday hashtags and include donation links!
  3. Send email appeals: Email is a great way to reach a large number of people with your Giving Tuesday ask. With FrontStream’s Panorama platform, you can easily create and send beautiful email appeals that are sure to get results.
  4. Use Mobile-Responsive Pages: Make it easy for donors to give to your Giving Tuesday campaign and provide a seamless mobile experience with mobile-responsive pages. This way, donors can give on the go as you utilize FrontStream to process payments easily and securely.

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