FrontStream Adds GiftWorks Donor Management Platform

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FrontStream, has announced the acquisition of Pennsylvania-based GiftWorks. FrontStream, through its wholly owned subsidiary FirstGiving, provides nonprofit organizations with a comprehensive peer-to-peer fundraising platform that gives users access to donation tracking capabilities, social media integrations and robust data management tools.

For the past decade, GiftWorks’ focus has been giving nonprofits the solutions and tools needed to accomplish their mission. Launched in 2004, GiftWorks has gathered deep knowledge of donor management solutions and established itself as an invaluable resource to nonprofits, nonprofit associations and a partner to other enterprise-level software providers serving the nonprofit market.

The GiftWorks platform is a hybrid solution that is currently offered in a web-integrated desktop version or a hosted version and includes extensive donor and contribution management, event and volunteer management, reporting, and data analytics tools. The addition of the GiftWorks CRM solution to the FrontStream/FirstGiving product line significantly expands the capabilities of FrontStream and FirstGiving’s current nonprofit client base. FrontStream and GiftWorks’ combined development resources have also created a seamless integration that enables GiftWorks’ current clients to activate key donation processing features that, to date, were only available directly through the FirstGiving platform.

“This acquisition makes sense for us because the FrontStream and GiftWorks offerings each include key product capabilities that complement each other well and, together, will provide a much more comprehensive product offering to our nonprofit clientele,” states Nina Vellayan, President and Chief Executive Officer of FrontStream. “This is truly the marriage of two of the best brands in the market.”

As a combined entity, GiftWorks and FrontStream will now have five primary office locations and will collectively serve over 10,000 nonprofit organizations across the country. While FrontStream will continue to maintain the GiftWorks brand, future plans to further integrate the two platforms, improve the scalability of the GiftWorks product and develop more partner integrations will make “a significant impact on the mid-tier market in that it will give Tier 2 and Tier 3 nonprofits the option to take advantage of a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to fulfilling critical donation and fundraising needs,” said Steve Fafel, GiftWorks’ Chief Executive Officer. “This move goes beyond expanding our market share; we are enhancing our ability to contribute to the advancement of meaningful causes and, to that end, we will continue to find new and creative ways to serve nonprofits and the donors that support them.”

FrontStream is backed by a group of investors led by Arsenal Capital Partners, a leading New York-based private equity firm with over $1.6 billion of committed capital under management.

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