Nonprofit Fundraising for the Digital Age

Nonprofit professionals dedicate much of their time to fundraising and finding the best ways to do so. Fundraising processes have changed dramatically with the rise of the internet and they continue to evolve as new tools and trends develop. To make sure your organization is evolving with the times rather than stagnating, it’s necessary to stay up to date with the latest fundraising trends.


Nonprofits need to adapt to the digital age or risk getting left behind. Below are the top digital nonprofit fundraising ideas to increase participant and donor engagement to facilitate donations.


Peer-to-Peer Gamification Increases Fundraising

In a time where remaining physically active and helping out are more important than ever, leveraging a virtual fundraising solution is a fun way to raise money for a cause. By moving events online, nonprofits can quickly and easily organize and engage fundraisers, while maintaining a branded presence throughout the virtual experience.

Virtual peer-to-peer events allow participants to engage with a campaign on their own time, while still supporting your cause and even doing so in a way that improves their health. For instance, responding to nonprofits’ urgent needs, FrontStream recently unveiled a first-of-its-kind virtual fundraising solution that seamlessly syncs with fan-favorite fitness trackers, including wearables and smartphones accessible through the all-in-one digital fundraising platform, Panorama. It is the only solution of its kind specifically designed to drive participant engagement and increase donations through  gamification and real-time activity tracking, enabling a complete, 360-degree view of fundraising efforts.


Virtual Fundraising Events Drive Donations


In addition to virtual peer-to-peer events, organizations can use video conferencing tools or embed YouTube/Facebook live videos on their event page to stream events online or host   online auctions. These  virtual events  enable participants to engage and get involved with a campaign on their own time and in their own space, while still supporting a cause they care about. Through virtual events, organizations are free from geographic restrictions and can maximize their reach, expand attendee participation, lower venue and event day operational costs and expenses, while increasing overall ROI. Donors from across the country and the world can engage with your event from the comfort of their own home.


Through the  Panorama platform’s  cloud-hosted auction management capabilities, nonprofits can launch a  charity auction online  to drive donations. Panorama enables organizations to quickly plan, manage and process auctions. They can spin up an auction website, post items online, offer mobile and remote bidding and process payments and direct donations through a highly secure, integrated payments processing platform. Charities also get access to a public bidder community of more than 1 million bidders.


Fundraising Technology Increases Digital Donations

No industry is immune to the digital transformation and that includes the nonprofit sector. In the age of the internet and all things digital, online fundraising solutions can become your best friend. 

Through leveraging the latest digital fundraising technology and the digital fundraising ideas above, nonprofits can engage with their supporters and encourage donations. By reimagining traditional peer-to-peer events to include virtual and DIY options, nonprofits will succeed in fundraising efforts and attract new lifetime donors.

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