The “Easy” Switch for Nonprofits: The Online Donation Page

Donation pages and campaigns are all the rage and your nonprofit should leverage this popular digital fundraising opportunity. Long gone are the days of dropping spare change in a jar and writing a check out to the organization of your choice. Nonprofits must meet their donors where they are – heads down, scrolling through their phones. Mobile-optimized donation pages provide nonprofits an easy and efficient way to reach these target audiences.


Now more than ever, digital fundraising options are ideal. Even once things return to the new normal, post-COVID, adopting an ongoing mobile friendly fundraising strategy is a great way to reach new supporters to learn about your organization such as donors with hectic schedules or those who live in rural areas. And, donation pages can be set up in a few easy steps saving your team time by eliminating the information input process.

Donation Pages Open the Door to More Giving

While COVID may be limiting our physical interaction, nonprofits can show their supporters that the organization is more committed than ever to fulfilling its mission through digital strategies. The dominance of mobile web browsing must be taken into account when developing updated fundraising strategies. In fact, half of all nonprofit website traffic comes from mobile devices today. This trend is only expected to increase in the coming years, so mobile fundraising and mobile-optimized donation pages are more important than ever. Through FrontStream’s Panorama platform, all fundraising campaigns, and donation pages are automatically mobile-optimized. With Panorama, 501c-3 non-profit organizations can quickly and easily create unlimited, free branded and mobile-optimized donation pages for any type of event. Whether it’s an ongoing mission funding drive, Giving Tuesday, Year End appeal, a one-time giving campaign or more, you will be able to drive more funds & engage your supporters.


By optimizing your organization’s web pages for mobile giving, nonprofits can take advantage of this convenient and cost-effective way to meet donors where they are and on any device platform. This also allows nonprofits to offer an engaging user experience for supporters and encourages them to donate to causes they care about directly from their phones.


Customize Donation Forms to Match Your Brand

One worry you may have is how to design your donation page to stand out from the crowd. With FrontStream’s Panorama Platform, crafting beautiful, branded donation pages can be done in mere minutes. Build donation pages and campaigns the way you want, with your branding, custom fields and questions to personalize the giving experience. Then, add and promote these unique donation pages directly on your website, special project or campaign. And of course, FrontStream offers highly secure, Level 1 PCI compliant integrated payment processing to protect your donors data and to ensure a seamless payment experience.


Reach New Audiences with Online Donation Pages

In addition to offering more ways to engage donors and facilitate donations, mobile-optimized donation pages provide nonprofits an efficient way to reach new audiences.


Keeping the lines of communication open with supporters through multiple channels helps nonprofits continue promoting their message and attracting new donors. For instance, mobile giving technologies are enabling a new generation of giving, making it possible for individuals and companies from all backgrounds and industries to give conveniently from their smartphones. Mobile-optimized donation pages are especially key for engaging tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z donors while remaining user-friendly enough for any generation of do-gooders to participate.


If your organization has an online donation page or conducts any online fundraising campaigns including email, it needs to evolve its mobile strategy. In just the U.S. alone, more than 200 million people have a smartphone within arm’s reach at all times. If you aren’t incorporating a mobile giving strategy into your fundraising efforts that makes it easier for supporters to contribute, you’re missing out on a massive chunk of funding from an ever-growing market.


Donation Pages Save You and Your Donors Time and Energy

Think of the old days when you received dozens of checks or printed out donation forms and had to sort through each donation to input the donor’s information. With digital donation forms, receiving donations is easier than ever. Risk fewer manual input errors and eliminate the hours spent on data entry to focus on other tasks. Plus, givers will prefer online options too, as the user-friendly interface has simple and clear instructions. And, donors won’t fear that their donation will get lost in the mail but will trust it’s going directly to your nonprofit’s bank account thanks to the secure, branded digital pages.


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