How 5 Essential Strategies Helped One Nonprofit Increase Their Revenue Streams

For  some  non-profits, adapting to the changing landscape can be challenging.  Fundraising efforts have progressed over time, and some charities have found adapting  to  the  ever-changing  digital world  a new reality.  Now more  than  ever, non-profits need to create more than one source of revenue   to raise  funds for  their organization.  Rise Above Violence, a non-profit that is dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, uses  FrontStream’s  fundraising platform to create multiple revenue streams  in  order  to spread   awareness  within the community,  gain new donors, engage existing  donors  and raise more funds for their cause.

Ashley, the Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator at Rise Above Violence, explains how  with the help of FrontStream, she was able to create multiple different types of streams and fundraising initiatives to help increase revenue for her organization.   Read below  to find out the 5 essential strategies to increase funds, used by Rise Above Violence and how your organization can do the same!


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Circles 1Host Multiple  Events 

Hosting multiple events is a key step in increasing donor  revenue. Being able to cater to multiple donor types allows for more inclusivity, higher engagement and an increase of donations.  

Rise Above Violence  hosts multiple events annually to help raise awareness for their organization. By incorporating both in-person and virtual events, the nonprofit was able to reach new donors from across the country.  

Their annual push-up challenge was unfortunately  cancelled in 2020. However, in 2021 Ashley and her team decided to make the event virtual! With the help of  FrontStream's platform and tools, along with  the creativity of the organization, they were able to create an app and online donation pages that allowed individuals to donate from across the country. Ashley was excited that the organization was able to access other individuals who would not normally come out to a competitive in-person push-up challenge.

Your organization can follow suit by creating additional types of events, where you can host unlimited  various types of events to engage your supporters!

Circles 2Adopt Emerging Trends

When  developing a fundraising plan for your nonprofit it is important to think outside tradition.  Including the option to fundraise  online is  important, now more than ever, in order  to raise awareness and  to reach a wider audience.

Ashley, explains “Online  fundraising  is important; it lets people bid even if they are far away.” Rise Above Violence conducts an annual  charity  gala that showcases art pieces that artists and  survivors create together. In  2021, the organization  is making the  gala 100% virtual using  FrontStream's BiddingForGood platform.   Individuals  across the country  will be able to  bid  on survivor's  art pieces, and the online option helps expand their audience and bring in additional funds and   awareness for the nonprofit.   Don't worry, you can do this too!   Check out FrontStream's blog article on how  to go hybrid and create successful  events and see how your nonprofit can raise more when you adopt emerging trends!  


Circles 3Provide Multiple Giving Options

Having  diverse giving options  allows your organization to be nimble, inclusive and expand your reach. It also  allows  for more donations and gifts from donors. For example, studies have shown that by providing the option for donors to cover any additional fees, 60% of the time they will do so.  By incorporating the option for donors to cover fees, it gives the donor a chance to help out their favorite nonprofit.  

Rise Above Violence uses multiple giving options to help increase their revenue streams. By allowing donors to give monthly, it has helped  the organization keep up with their community efforts. Ashley states that “A $10 monthly gift covers one crisis call.”  This allows  the nonprofit to have crisis workers on the phone 24/7,  365 days  a year.  Ashley also appreciates that with FrontStream and BiddingForGood, she can turn on multiple giving features such as monthly giving, donor covers the fee, corporate matching and many more!   Check out FrontStream's  eGuide on how data and technology can help you increase donations and see all the ways  giving options can help you raise more!

Circles 4Targeted  and Personalized  Communication  Strategies

Personalizing your fundraising efforts is a great way to increase donations.  By researching your donor  types,  you develop personalized  communication strategies  that can keep your supporters  engaged and connected.  

Ashley’s communication  strategy for Rise Above Violence is to  develop  healthy  community  relationships. She  is able to  create personalized, handwritten cards to send to her donors after they give. This encourages donors to come back and  participate  in numerous fundraising efforts. Donors feel  appreciated  after giving to Rise Above Violence because of Ashley and her team's  personalized communication .  Want  to use custom emails to segment and target your donors? Doing so builds  deeper donor relationships and helps you raise more funds. Check out FrontStream's blog post to help you get started!

Circles 5Utilize  Technology

Data is a highly powerful tool and when nonprofits can find stories from the information that supporters provide, or take clues found in the data, it builds trust, deepens relationships, inspires supporters and most importantly it increases funds.

The technology process of automation that’s built into software, like BiddingForGood,  can alleviate the heavy lifting associated with fundraising strategies and frees up your nonprofit to focus on what’s most important -- your mission.

Nonprofits of every size use technology and data every day to fuel donations and increase their supporter base.

So what do you do first? Look for stories from the information supporters provide you to help improve advocacy and fundraising efforts.

Nonprofits can use donor information to connect with their audience, and that is where you will see greater engagement, better relationships, increased antecedence at events and programs because you are putting on programs and creating giving options that are what your audience wants!

Rise Above Violence has taken advantage of their technology, and they created multiple events, adapted emerging trends and enabled multiple giving options. They  are always looking to evaluate and report on their events and programs in order to better communicate and personalize – which is essential to engage with your audience and raise more for your cause.

Understanding where, why and how you achieve fundraising success is critical to consistently improving your own performance, today and in the future. Check how your nonprofit can use data and technology to get real world results!

Ashley explains that she uses  FrontStream's software  to help her manage her time and communication efforts. By having a software that includes everything she needs to help manage her organization, it saves her time and energy. She is less stressed and does not have to worry about managing and learning multiple event and fundraising software's. She is able to focus more time on developing relationships with her community and helping victims and survivors!


These 5 steps will help you and your nonprofit increase your  revenue, engagement and attendance, and develop personalized relationships with your donors. Watch  our recorded webinar with even more tips to increase your revenue, with  5 Essential Strategies to Increase Revenue Streams.  You can hear first hand how Ashley uses these  strategies to help her raise funds  for her cause.

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