How Nonprofits Use Data and Technology to Get Real-World Results

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Technology is supposed to make your life simpler. But sometimes, it can seem overwhelming, particularly for a nonprofit that’s trying to focus on its mission. Attempting to manage supporters’ data and figure out how to make the best use of it can feel insurmountable without something to guide the way. There’s no doubt that it’s a lot of information to try to handle, let alone understand.

That’s where the right software can eliminate the burden and even simplify how your nonprofit stays engaged with supporters and drives donations to meet fundraising goals. Data is a highly powerful tool and when nonprofits can find stories from the information (or data) that supporters provide, it can help improve advocacy and fundraising efforts. When engagement is personalized for supporters by taking clues found in the data, it builds trust, deepens relationships, inspires supporters and increases funds. The technology process of automation that’s built into software can alleviate the heavy lifting associated with these communications and frees up nonprofits to focus on what’s most important -- their mission.

Nonprofits of every size use technology and data every day to fuel donations, expand donor engagement and increase their supporter base.


Leucan is one such example. 

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Leucan is one of FrontStream’s valued nonprofit partners, and they use Panorama™, our all-in-one digital fundraising platform, every day to do more good in the world. Their mission is to raise critical funds that support children with cancer, and their families, in Quebec. With Panorama, they are able to understand how to make the best use of data and segmentation, how personalization increases engagement and revenue, and how insights from data and technology fuel donations to their important cause.

Leucan set a goal to focus on increasing revenue for their online giving program, in addition to hosting traditional and signature peer-to-peer events, and wanted to raise more in programs such as “Giving Tuesday” and Year-End Appeals. To accomplish this, Leucan began by using automation features in Panorama to ask custom questions to existing donation and registration pages like, “Which services inspire you the most to give?”. Leucan received a goldmine of information and insight into their supporters.

But the question remained: what to do with it?


Using Panorama, Leucan was able to send targeted emails that were based on donors’ demographic profile, behavior, and responses from the data they collected. Basing the emails on those responses, Leucan personalized custom messages while categorizing and segmenting them, and as a result, they had much higher open rates. Leucan further leveraged Panorma’s technology to increase funds and donors online by employing a host of features available in the software, including enabling monthly and recurring giving. Panorama offers features that add a countdown timer in emails and on donation pages to showcase urgency, which Leucan used to connect with their donor base. 

Leucan utilized the data that they collected from supporters to gain a better insight into who they were and what inspired them. This, in turn, helped them increase engagements and donations to impressive levels. 


By using data to learn more about their supporters, Leucan saw some incredible results:

Leucan results

  • Increased monthly donors by 10%
  • Had 6.5x more donations for online giving through Giving Tuesday & End of Year Appeals.
  • Increased targeted email open rates by 78%
  • Increased click-through rates by 76%

Amazingly, Leucan continues to raise the bar and use the funds from these campaigns to support children fighting cancer. And thanks to help from data and technology with Panorama’s software, a clear path continues to be paved for them to continue their mission. Using their data, testing their appeals and figuring out ways to connect with donors, Leucan was able to broaden their reach and strengthen their supporter engagement. It’s a wonderful success story and by leveraging data and technology, your nonprofit’s mission can be too.

As the world continues to change before our eyes, putting technology and data to use has become a critical tool in a nonprofit’s ability to complete its mission. The knowledge gained from the insights that data can offer equips nonprofits with informed strategies that reach more people. Additionally, staying nimble and adapting to the world’s changes to engage supporters has become paramount. With hybrid events that offer a combination of multiple participation and giving options for in-person, virtual fundraising events, auctions and donation campaigns, nonprofits have the ability to reach anyone at any time.

Thanks to Panorama, nonprofits can easily utilize supporter data to maximize fundraising efforts while planning, processing, promoting and managing multiple events from one convenient, all-in-one platform.


Panorama-by-FS-vectorPanorama will help your nonprofit:

  • Host simultaneous events on one platform
  • Encourage multiple donation programs and giving options
  • Develop effective communication strategies for every channel
  • Personalize targeted messaging
  • Create branded, unique user experiences
  • Reach a wider audience for a greater impact

Reach more people and do more good by leveraging technology and data. Find out how by downloading our latest eGuide: 6 Easy Steps To Fuel Donations With Data And Technology.

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