Holiday Fundraising Ideas to Spark Donor Engagement

Believe it or not, the holidays are around the corner!  With the year coming to an end, now is a  great time to gather fun fundraising ideas for nonprofits like yours to engage your donors and raise more before the new year goals and budgets are set.  

The holidays are the perfect excuse to set up engaging fundraisers for your supporters.  Almost  50% of all donations are made in the last four months of the year,   and  30% of annual giving occurs in December alone  –  So why not use this time to promote your nonprofit’s message and plan fun and festive fundraisers! 

Here are some fun ideas for your nonprofit to help make this holiday season festive and fruitful!


1. Gingerbread   House  Building Contest: 

Get creative this holiday season!  Have your supporters build holiday-themed gingerbread houses and showcase them at your nonprofit or online,  on your organization’s website, social media,  or donation page.  After,  your supporters can vote on the best gingerbread houses through social media or other online fundraising platforms!  This fun fundraising event idea will help increase your supporter engagement and help expand your reach to new audiences!  

Tip: To raise funds, have your supporters donate in support of their favorite house!


gingerbreadhouse stock (3)


2. Ugly  Sweater  Completion: 

Another fun way to get your supporters engaged is by hosting an ugly sweater competition! You can either have an internal competition with just staff or host one online with your supporters.  Having individuals vote on who has the best “ugly” holiday sweater can increase your staff and donor engagement!  

Tip: Ask your sweater wearers to ask for donations to wear their sweater to work with their friends – in public and raise funds for the cause!


ugly sweater stock 

3. Holiday Gala / Auction: 

A popular holiday fundraiser is hosting an auction.  An auction is a great way to get your community involved with your fundraiser. You can ask for sponsorships and item donations from local establishments in your area.  Ask your community to participate in the auction and bid on items! An easy way to prepare your auction is through a digital fundraising platform such as BiddingForGood! BiddingForGood has helped over 40,000  charities host successful online auctions and helped increase their revenue and donor engagement!  

Tip:  BiddingForGood has 1.7 million registered bidders looking for items that support charitable causes. Check out how hosting an auction on  BiddingForGood can help you raise more just by hosting it on this exclusive site!


4. Home-Made  Wreaths  Auction: 

Getting your community involved is a great way to increase donor engagement.  By having a  wreath auction,  donors can bid on wreaths that local organizations have designed. The organizations can include gift certificates and prizes on the wreaths to help increase the overall bid.  With donations from local establishments for a homemade wreath,  they get free advertisement to the community,  and it helps your nonprofit!

Tip: With auction platforms like  BiddingForGood, you can host your wreath auction online and easily share your fundraiser with your supporters!




5. Holiday  Fun Run (or Santa Run): 

What can be more fun than dressing up in holiday gear while trying to win a race! Having your supporters dress up in Santa or holiday costumes and participate in a “Holiday Fun Run” can help increase your fundraising engagement. People love to do fun and crazy things, especially for a good cause.  

Tip: To spread your message to a wider audience,  you can have a  costume contest and create an online hashtag where your contestants can post their costumes on social media!  This way, your fundraiser can be shared with individuals across the globe!



These are just some fun holiday ideas to engage your donors and raise funds for your cause.   To learn how to plan amazing year-end fundraising campaigns, download our eGuide  A Nonprofit's Guide to Giving Days & Year-End Campaigns. 

There are endless fundraising possibilities. Planning a fundraising campaign doesn’t have to be challenging. The experience should be fun for your nonprofit and your supporters!   With  FrontStream’s exclusive Digital Fundraising platform,  BiddingForGood, you can plan amazing online holiday auctions to help increase your donor engagement and overall revenue!


To learn more about  BiddingForGood  and how to access  our  1.7 million bidder community,  

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