Your Generosity on #GivingTuesday Continues to Grow!

On November 30, 2021,  over 35 million people participated in the biggest global fundraising event of the year, Giving Tuesday.  Many nonprofits used this day to increase fundraising efforts and promote their organization.  This was a record-breaking year for the  Giving Tuesday organization and all those organizations that received so much love and support from the community.  With millions of new participants and billions of dollars raised,  Giving Tuesday 2021  was a success and helped nonprofits globally raise much-needed funds and awareness.   

At  FrontStream, we are proud to announce that our nonprofit partners raised over $1.1 million on Giving Tuesday for their communities and causes!  This achievement would not have been possible without your generosity and kindness. Thank you to all who contributed their time, skills, goods, advocacy, and more!

Thank you!


On Giving Tuesday  2021,  giving in the United States alone totaled  $2.7 billion,  representing a 9% increase compared to  Giving Tuesday  2020.  Wow! That is an amazing win for nonprofits and their causes!  This increase in donations highlights a continued trend of generosity as Giving Tuesday becomes more known across the globe. 

Creating Giving Tuesday fundraising campaigns is a great and fun way to generate buzz and donations for your nonprofit.  Our nonprofit partners  used this day  as a way to increase  their awareness and   overall donations for the end of the year. Your nonprofit  can  benefit  from creating #GivingTuesday  campaigns and year-end appeals.  To learn more  about what to do after this day of generosity and continuing raising funds for your cause,  download  our  Guide,  A Nonprofit's Guide to Giving Days & Year-End Campaigns.


Giving Tuesday Stats 2021


Giving Tuesday 2021 is  now  over, but the message of giving lives on!  Giving season has just begun.  Did you know  that 30% of annual giving occurs in December  and  10% of annual giving occurs on the last 3 days of the year.  Now is the time to make sure your nonprofit is  leveraging  this season of giving.   

As the year  comes to an end,  you can start  focusing  on developing relationships with your  donors and  telling your nonprofit's story. 


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With  FrontStream, your organization can create fun and unique fundraising events, campaigns, and auctions with our industry-leading  digital fundraising software. FrontStream makes it easy for your organization to develop, plan and execute engaging campaigns so you can raise more and do  more good.  

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