Saving the planet? Want $50,000 to help?

Calling all environmental-minded nonprofits! Virginia-based communications agency Mind and Media has put together StoryAid, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, and they're looking to grant $50,000 worth of services - in the words of their website, "strategic communication and media services in 2017" - to environmental firms that could use their services to overcome current challenges.

Mind and Media urge you to think big: "How could it help you tell your story, attract donors or volunteers, raise your profile? What’s on your wishlist? A new mission video? Help attracting conference attendees? Social media guidance? Communication training for your staff?" Whatever you might need, their StoryAid program can help you out in 2017 if you're selected as the winner.

How can you make your nonprofit stand out? Storytelling. Mind & Media want you to describe your mission, your biggest wins, and your culture, so be sure you've got some dynamic answers! It'll help you even more if you've got a proper wordsmith on staff who can detail areas where you've had major success as well as where you face challenges.

You'll want your application to stand head and shoulders above the rest, so don't be afraid to do a deep dive into why your mission matters - both to you and the planet - and give it a dash of creativity and spirit. Don't sound like a flat robot - let your personality shine through, and illuminate how the work your nonprofit does helps the environment in a way that nobody else can!

The deadline for application is this coming Saturday April 22nd (Earth Day), and all you'll need to do is download their application questions, answer them in no more than 10 pages, then submit it as a PDF. They'll choose three finalists to give a brief presentation to Mind and Media, then select a winner from there.

Good luck - let us know how it goes! (And if it's more CSR tips and tricks you're looking for, we've got you covered with our CSR blog posts)

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