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Corporate Social Responsibility

Success Story: United Way of Greater Knoxville + Scripps Networks

Consumers, concerned citizens, and employees want to know what companies stand for – and many corporations are answering this question by partnering with nonprofits that best reflect their beliefs and values. Here’s how Scripps Networks Interactive (SNI) and United Way of Greater Knoxville joined forces!

Making things more beautiful with Sephora’s CSR efforts

While it’d be easy to coast on its reputation as a giant in the beauty world, Sephora quietly goes a step further with its Sephora Stands umbrella of corporate social responsibility programs – find out about their four unique programs, and what you can learn from them!

Success Story: United Planet

Boston-based, mission-focused nonprofit organization United Planet offers volunteer opportunities across the globe, helping to create a more peaceful, cohesive and sustainable world. Find out how they’re reaching this goal, and how you can be inspired!

Why corporate teams are great givers

Companies are becoming increasingly aware that they have more to offer the world than just their primary products or services – and encouraging employees to give and be involved in bigger causes is a growing trend. It’s not just a team-building exercise – here’s why!

Best charity Super Bowl ads of 2018

What better way for a brand to get a cause message across than in a commercial during one of the biggest broadcasts of the year? Here are three Super Bowl ads of 2018 with a charitable focus!