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Corporate Social Responsibility

How to boost your online fundraising in 2018

Experimenting with some new digital strategies and fundraising techniques could make all the difference for your charity next year. Here are some fundraising ‘tune-up’s for 2018 – it’ll be here sooner than you think!

Success Story: Baycrest Foundation

The Baycrest Foundation provides funding that will help define the future of brain health. Find out more about how the Baycrest Foundation’s annual hockey event is a great example of corporate social responsibility, as well as some takeaways for your own large-scale CSR event.

Two scoops for marriage equality!

Do you want an extra scoop on your ice cream cone? If you happen to be in Australia and at a Ben & Jerry’s location, you’re out of luck – your summery treat is restricted to a single scoop. But it’s all for a good cause!