2021 Fundraising Tips to Jumpstart the New Year

The nonprofit fundraising landscape has changed, and nonprofits are now thinking outside of traditional signature, in-person-only events to stay relevant and widen their audience reach.

Those that leveraged technology at the beginning of the pandemic quickly transitioned fundraising efforts online to connect with supporters, drive deeper engagement and maximize donations, while those that didn’t pivot online continue to struggle to move their missions forward. 

Technology investments and adoption of new and innovative trends in 2020 are enabling nonprofits to build greater resiliency in the new year. For those not-so-tech-savvy fundraisers, below are a few easy ways digital technology can be used to jumpstart fundraising efforts. 


Tap into Donor Data to Personalize Engagement

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to understand trends in donor giving. Start with your most loyal supporters and look into how much they gave over the last year, when and how. Tap into this insight to segment and target outreach based on donor engagement and giving habits. Personalized messaging makes donors feel recognized and appreciated, ensuring repeat and recurring giving.

To drive greater donor engagement in 2021, try creating more robust registration pages and post-giving surveys to capture additional donor data. Maybe the donor or someone they love is personally impacted by the cause, or perhaps the donor simply wants to help others. Understanding motivations to give will enable you to develop hyper-personalized messaging that resonates with each audience and creates life-long supporters.


Reduce Costs and Raise More with Donor Covers the Fee Opt-In

Most donors want 100% of their donation to go straight to the cause and data suggests that they would opt-in to cover any fees, such as credit card processing as an extra gift, if the option was available. Simply use your fundraising platform to give donors the option to cover the transaction fees and watch your fundraising dollars grow while inspiring and satisfying your donor base!


Enable Different Types of Giving Options, Including Hybrid Event Options

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Technology enables a slew of fundraising options, so make 2021 the year your organization diversifies its efforts. In addition to enabling direct donations, recurring or monthly giving options, try adding a virtual event – such as an online auction, gala or peer-to-peer event – to your next campaign. Providing multiple giving options and hybrid event options enables donors to give the way they prefer as well as the opportunity to participate in multiple events, maximizing donations.

Industry surveys and data indicates that astute fundraisers will incorporate virtual elements to all in-person fundraising efforts in the future, leading to a rise in hybrid fundraising. One of the biggest benefits of hybrid events is that anyone can attend from anywhere. Expand your network of givers by reaching out to all donors, not just past event attendees. Expanding your addressable audience increases your overall network of supporters today and tomorrow.


Maximize Workplace Giving

A lot of companies provide matching giving programs as a benefit to employees. Utilize your fundraising platform and enable a corporate gift matching company search for organizations that participate in employee giving. Encouraging givers to look up their company in a donor matching database can help forge stronger emotional connections with donors and your mission by doubling their donation!

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Think Outside Normal Business Hours

If you are targeting corporate donors, it makes sense to stick to traditional office hours for email sends, as you want to connect with those donors when they’re most active. However, if you’re targeting individuals and families, consider breaking out of the norm by sending emails, texts and social media posts during off-hours, including on the weekend. 

Use your fundraising platform to quickly schedule emails during off hours to maximize donations. Social media posts can also be scheduled ahead of time, making outreach a breeze.

The pandemic has severely impacted fundraising efforts for nonprofits around the world. As we settle into our “new normal,” the most successful nonprofits, regardless of size, will learn to adapt quickly and leverage tools to navigate an ever-changing fundraising landscape. From leveraging donor data and automating email outreach to tapping into social media and virtual events, the ability to meet revenue goals and enact positive change is far easier when backed by the right strategies. 

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