Get Inspired with 101 Nonprofit Auction Ideas to Raise More and Increase Engagement!

Putting together the  perfect  fundraising auction can be a challenging task for any nonprofit. Developing strategies, communicating with donors, asking for sponsorships, all while trying to come up with creative auction ideas can be daunting. However, with the right fundraising tools and guides, it doesn’t have to be!  

Auctions should be a fun experience for your supporters and for your organization! That is why  FrontStream, and our exclusive  BiddingForGood  digital fundraising platform have you covered! We developed a  comprehensive guide to help you  plan fun and engaging auctions for your nonprofit  with 101 inspiring ideas! 


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Here are  just  a  few strategies to help you engage participants and raise more funds for your  next auction:


Online  Fundraising  Auctions 

Adapting to the ever-changing digital world can be a challenge for some nonprofits.  However, from what the last two years have shown us, adding online and virtual aspects to your fundraising strategy is now a must. Creating online  auctions  is a great  and easy  way to share your fundraising efforts to  your  followers as well as supporters from all over the globe.  Online auctions  can help your nonprofit  spread your message to a wider audience and increase donations and donor support.  

With  FrontStream,  you will  have exclusive  access to  BiddingForGood,  the industry’s largest online cause-minded shopper community. BiddingForGood  has helped over 40,000 charities raise donations and expand their reach!  In fact, there are over 2.2 million unique visitors to the  BiddingForGood’s  homepage each year, and a growing community of 1.7 million registered bidders. Nonprofits, like you, can benefit from using an online fundraising platform  BiddingForGood  to help your organization increase awareness and access new donors from across North America!


Mobile Bidding 

Mobile bidding  is a paperless way for supporters of your event and organization to bid on auction items right from their smartphones. And who doesn’t have a smartphone these days, anyway?  Why not make it easy for them to bid on your auction items using their smartphone or tablet, too? Mobile bidding gives your auction supporters the ability to participate entirely right from their mobile device or smartphone — and from anywhere. 

Mobile bidding can attract bidders from all over the world to your auction no matter how big or small.


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 Fundraising Technology 

Investing in  the best fundraising technology for your nonprofit can be crucial to your organization’s success!  At  FrontSteam, we know having platforms that are easy to use and  manage all your fundraising efforts is important.  Through BiddingForGood  and its cloud-hosted auction management capabilities, nonprofits can quickly launch and manage live, silent or online fundraising auctions to drive donations.  When you succeed, we succeed! 


To get inspiration  for  your  next auction

 Download the eGuide 101 Charity Auction Items Ideas!   


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