Sun King Brewing Co.
Jessie Eastman, Community Development and events Facilitator

The Challenge

  • What were your biggest pain points with your old donation process?
    The process of getting the donation filled would take a long time because it was a bunch of emails being passed along to many people. It was hard to keep communication streamlined. Another struggle was being able to easily document donations in one place. 
  • Why did you feel choosing to use ApproveForGood was a step in the right direction to improve these things?
    ApproveForGood had everything we were looking for. It helped centralize our donation process onto one system that can be accessed by many people in the company who might need it. Now, all of our giving can be done through one simple location. Our company does A LOT of giving and this also helps us track where we are throughout the year without messing with an Excel spreadsheet. We loved the breakdowns ApproveForGood can provide—day, week, month, year, as well as the graphics it gives us about our giving. 

The Solution

  • In what ways has ApproveForGood improved your donation process?
    ApproveForGood has helped us in many ways. Donations are processed through our Community Development department but are picked up at our front desk. Our front desk staff and Community Development don’t have much interaction, so ApproveForGood has helped greatly in reducing communication struggles that the two departments had. It saves us a ton of time and anyone can look up the donations if they have questions on it. 
  • What was the timeframe in which you began to see a difference using ApproveForGood?
    We saw a difference with the first request that was made through ApproveForGood! It has saved my inbox! 

The Results

  • How much time per week or per day did you used to spend handling donation requests compared to how much time you spend using ApproveForGood now?
    I would say I spent anywhere from 3-4 hours a week filling all of the donation requests that come in each week. Now, I would be surprised if there is more than 1-2 hours spent on the total process each week.
  • Have you saved money by moving your donation process online with ApproveForGood?
    We have saved money by how much time employees were spending filling donations to how much time they spend doing that now. It has allowed for a much more productive workplace. 
  • Would you recommend the ApproveForGood system to others in your personal or professional network? Why?
    Absolutely!! It is such an easy system to use and everything you need to know about your giving can be found in one place. I love that the system is customizable to an extent. It also is wonderful for organizations who have many people involved in the giving process from request to pick-up/sending of the donation. It saves so many emails/phone calls throughout the company because everything can be found in one place and accessed by whoever may need it. 

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