You want a system that works for you, not against you



No more emails, faxes, phone calls or letters! Moving your entire request process online through branded forms will eliminate manual work.



Customize the program in a way that is valuable to your company. Automatically filter requests that don’t fit your criteria and respond using your own email templates. Keep that personal touch with every response.



Deepen your relationship with your community with a guaranteed timely response for every inquiry. Don’t leave anyone in the dark and boost your brand’s image regardless of saying yes or no.



Custom reports and real time data enable you to use requester information to your benefit. Make charitable requests work harder for your company while supporting your community.

Simple, yet powerful

Capture the requests

Review them with your team

Choose the steps to automate

Personalize the responses

Track your progress

Showcase your CSR efforts

AFG Diagram


In-app notifications enable you to leave notes with your team members to discuss a specific request.


Set up staff email alerts throughout the donation request process.

 AFG Page

Quick Approvals

Requests appear in one easy-to-read list. Simply review and approve or reject each request with the click of a button.

Track Impact

Detailed reports allow you to track your donation impact. Segment and report out by sector or by recipient type.

See how ApproveForGood can help manage your company's charitable giving.