Florida Aquarium


“We would absolutely recommend the system. It’s easy to use, reliable and efficient! We have been very happy! “

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Sun King Brewing Co.


“ApproveForGood helped centralize our donation process onto one system that can be accessed by many people in the company who might need it”

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Pacific Park


We believe automated and online is the way to go and more time effective.

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Silverado Resort & Spa


“We are now able to see exactly how many donation requests are coming through, what we are saying yes to, what we are declining, etc…”

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Cleveland Museum of Natural History


“We can track fulfillment, redemption, and filter out requests that we know do not fit our mission in a very simplified way.”

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Columbus Hospitality Group


We were able to have a more structured donation system, and allow access to more people via a centralized request location online.

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Sprinkles Cupcakes, Cookies & Ice Cream


“If someone was feeling overwhelmed by donation requests, there would be no reason not to give ApproveForGood a shot.”

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Deer Valley Resort

Ski Resort

“ApproveForGood has saved Deer Valley Resort time and money and we would recommend this program to others.”

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Tampa Bay Lightning

Sports Team

“ApproveForGood was more advanced than our other options. With the volume of requests constantly increasing we had to find the best program for us to fulfill those efficiently.”

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