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Dustin, Donation Coordinator

The Challenge

  • What were your biggest pain points with your old donation process?
    The amount of time it took to process requests and a complete lack of data.
  • Why did you feel choosing to use ApproveForGood was a step in the right direction to improve these things?
    The tracking of donations (causes, dollar amount) and auto-reject options based on date, location, etc. were huge selling points.

The Solution

  • In what ways has ApproveForGood improved your donation process?
    ApproveForGood has cut our processing time in half and helped us focus our donations on causes we were most aligned with.
  • What was the timeframe in which you began to see a difference using ApproveForGood?
    We began to see results within the first 30 days.

The Results

  • How much time per week or per day did you used to spend handling donation requests compared to how much time you spend using ApproveForGood now?
    8+ hours a week could be spent using the standard email system and I would say it’s now about half that time!
  • Have you saved money by moving your donation process online with ApproveForGood?
    I have definitely saved time which let me focus on other projects, so it has definitely paid for itself.
  • Would you recommend the ApproveForGood system to others in your personal or professional network? Why?
    Of course!  It has really only made things easier and faster and the cost is reasonable.  If someone was feeling overwhelmed by donation requests, there would be no reason not to give ApproveForGood a shot.

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