Silverado Resort & Spa
Erika Opp, Executive Assistant

The Challenge

  • What were your biggest pain points with your old donation process?
    Overwhelming amount of mail/emails/phone calls.
  • Why did you feel choosing to use ApproveForGood was a step in the right direction to improve these things?
    It was a great way to be able to send organizations to just one central location.

The Solution

  • In what ways has ApproveForGood improved your donation process?
    It has really streamlined things for us.  We are now able to see exactly how many donation requests are coming through, what we are saying yes to, what we are declining, etc…  In addition, I really like being able to set parameters in letting those individuals that are submitting requests know what we donate to and what we don’t.  Saves everyone time.
  • What was the timeframe in which you began to see a difference using ApproveForGood?
    Immediately. When we were able to send people to a link on our website instead of spending time on the phone, opening mail every day, or responding to emails it helped me to be more productive on a day to day basis.

The Results

  • How much time per week or per day did you used to spend handling donation requests compared to how much time you spend using ApproveForGood now?
    It used to be an everyday, at least an hour going through mail, sorting what we were going to donate to and what we weren’t, responding by letter one by one.  I am now spending a couple of days a week and it takes me maybe 20 minutes going through what we have received and getting out donations to the organizations.
  • Have you saved money by moving your donation process online with ApproveForGood?
    We have definitely saved money in postage and paper supply as we no longer have to respond by a letter every time declining organizations. 
  • Would you recommend the ApproveForGood system to others in your personal or professional network? Why?
    I would most certainly recommend this to anyone.  As an Executive Assistant it has saved me time, money and given me a streamlined way of working through all of these deserving organizations.  The reports are excellent, the processes are easy and I couldn’t imagine going back to the old way of doing these requests. 

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