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Nonprofits have a knack for developing creative campaigns that make a major impact, but meeting your fundraising goals involves much more. It may not always be the flashy stuff, but there are several ways that using nonprofit donor management and fundraising software will help you raise more and save more for your cause!

Smarter decision making with deep, centralized data

A donor management software that connects seamlessly to your other fundraising tools will give your organization a go-to place for donor information and analysis. By setting up dashboards, reports and SmartLists, it will be easier than ever to understand donor demographics and behavior so that you can make more effective decisions about future events and campaigns.

Build better relationships with your donors

By storing all of your donor information in one place, you’ll have a great resource to improve your interactions with your supporters. For example, your donor relations team will find it easy to access the right information they need when speaking to a key donor. Plus, you can coordinate personal outreach like birthday wishes and thank you emails to make sure your donors feel appreciated and motivated to continue giving.

Save money with e-receipts and email communications

Every bit counts for nonprofits that want to do all they can to support their cause. A great donor management platform will make processes more efficient and less expensive. This can include sending automatic e-receipts when donations come in and delivering your organization or campaign updates by email rather than physical mail. Between the costs of the paper, mail, and administrative time, donor management software can do a lot to help you cut costs.

Spend less time working with data and more time fundraising



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