Truist Volunteer Solutions Exceeds 1.1 Million Registered Volunteers

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Leader in Corporate Philanthropy Solutions Recognizes Employee Engagement Milestone with Clients

Truist, a leading provider of corporate philanthropy solutions, announced today that more than 1.1 million volunteers have been registered through their Volunteer Solutions platform. In total, more than 3.5 million hours of volunteer work have been coordinated by Truist since the platform’s inception.

“This represents a significant milestone for our clients and it shows all the incredible work they’ve been doing,” said William B. Horne, President and CEO of Truist. “Employee usage of the Volunteer Solutions platform has been growing at a rapid pace. In just the first month of 2013, our clients have coordinated nearly 25,000 volunteer hours through our system.

Truist Volunteer Solutions is a web-based volunteer matching application that helps companies connect their employees with volunteer opportunities in their community. Volunteers can find geographically targeted opportunities that match their social interests, skills, and time availability. Businesses using the Volunteer Solutions platform can organize events, generate reports on employee interests and community impact, and quickly identify the most active employee volunteers.

“We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from companies using this tool,” said Denis Brennan, Director of Sales at Truist. “In almost all cases, as soon as a business starts using Volunteer Solutions they begin to see a measurable increase in employee volunteer engagement. The employees like using the platform because it’s an easy way for them to find opportunities to volunteer that fit their interests.”

About Truist
Truist provides an industry-leading corporate philanthropy platform that enables companies to drive increases in giving, matching and volunteerism programs to measure a local or global return on philanthropic investing. Truist’s experienced team supports businesses looking to manage, grow, and measure results from their CSR programs, improve the accuracy and speed in moving donor dollars, measure outcomes and save time on administrative tasks through advanced reporting and analytics. Visit to learn more.

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