FrontStream Payments Offers Expanded Payment Options to Propane Industry Partner Suburban Software Systems

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In the process of continually expanding its integrated industry service offerings, FrontStream Payments, a leading provider of payment processing for the propane distribution industry, announces its intent to offer expanded payment services to propane clients through its valued partnerships.

Suburban Software Systems, Inc. will be one of the first propane software partnerships offered this new payment acceptance option. Suburban Software Systems provides a unique software accounting system designed to help propane dealers be more efficient and profitable on the operational end of their business. FrontStream Payments provides Suburban Software Systems and its clients with vital software integration support. This enables Suburban to provide propane dealers with a seamless Point of Sale System for cost-effectively processing secure electronic payment transactions. Propane distributors using this system can enter transactions, post them and print customer receipts in a few keystrokes. In turn, they are able to run their business more efficiently during peak seasons.

“Partnering with FrontStream has helped us bring added functionality, credit card security, and substantial savings to our clients. The program has significantly streamlined their payment process. Furthermore, FrontStream has fulfilled every promise made to both our clients and our company. I would recommend them to any company looking for a similar partnership,” said Frank Hughes, President of Suburban Software Systems, Inc.

As FrontStream continues to expand upon its suite of robust and compliant technologies, they are continually introducing additional integration options to their targeted industry partners. With the recent launch of FrontStream’s new ACH echeck service to merchants, they are also offering this payment acceptance option to Suburban and other partners.

“We are excited to be able to offer expanded integration services and product options to our valued partners and their clients. By growing partnerships, such as Suburban Software Systems, FrontStream Payments continues to provide the propane industry with the latest, most progressive and applicable payment processing options on the market,” said Kerry Kodatt, Senior VP, Sales.

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