List of Removed Characters

Character Removal
The table below displays all acceptable characters that must be removed by the Payment Server before submitting information to the Web Service operations. See each input parameter for each Web Service operation in order to know which input parameters will have these characters removed. This character removal ensures that the Payment Servers’ internal XML parsers can properly read the information of the Web Service operation. Characters in the table are displayed in Courier New font.

Many XML Parsers will encode these characters for you. In this case, the characters will not be converted back to their proper values by the Payment Server; they will be taken literally. Also, if you pass the encoded character through an input parameter that removes the characters listed in the table below, then certain characters may be removed (see examples below). However, if you are not using a parser, or if the parser does not handle this encoding, then the characters in the table listed below may still be removed, depending on the input parameter for the Web Service operation you are using.

Table 2. XML Character Removal 

Character XML Parser Encoding
< &lt;
> &gt;
& &amp;

The following example shows how characters would be removed if the data was passed through the NameOnCard parameter of the ProcessCreditCard operation.

Valid: John James
Invalid: John & James becomes John James
Invalid: John &amp; James becomes John amp; James