Fraud detection by IP Address

One of the Fraud Prevention Options lets you Decline a transaction which comes from a suspect IP address.

To use this option you must pass the IP address of the client machine in the ExtData field, using the API_IP tag:


Releasing a suspect transaction

If the merchant has any Fraud Prevention Options configured in ArgoFire and a transaction is submitted which is “trapped” by those options, i.e. it meets the defined/configured criteria for possible fraud, ArgoFire will return a Decline with a Response Code in the 201 – 205 range.

The suspect transaction is placed on “hold”.  If you have investigated the suspect transaction and have determined that it is not fraud, you can release the transaction so that it gets processed by using the Transact.ProcessCreditCard method with a TransType of RepeatSale and a Force flag:

Note: you use the TransType of RepeatSale regardless of the TransType (Sale, RepeatSale, Force, etc.) of the original transaction (614090).