This web service allows for adding days to the next billing date and it can be accessed by this URL: Descriptions of the parameters are listed below.

Parameter Description
Username Required. The username of the admin user.
Password Required. The password of the admin user.
Vendor Required. The numerical Vendor/Merchant Key.
CustomerKey Required. The numerical customer key.
ContractKey Required for TransType UPDATE and DELETE. The numerical contract key.
NumofDays The number of days to be added.
ExtData Optional. Extended Data.


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?>– <RecurringResult xmlns:xsd=”” xmlns:xsi=”” xmlns=””><CustomerKey>11</CustomerKey> <ContractKey>7</ContractKey> <CcInfoKey /> <CheckInfoKey /> <code>OK</code> <error>NextBillDate=2/28/2007</error> <Partner /> <Vendor /> <Username>vital</Username></RecurringResponse>