This Web Service operation allows for managing check information.The URL to access this Web Service is:

Descriptions of the parameters are listed below. 

Parameter Description
Username Required. The username of the admin user.
Password Required. The password of the admin user.
Vendor Required. The numerical Vendor/Merchant Key.
CustomerKey Required. The numerical customer key.
CheckInfoKey Required for TransType UPDATE and DELETE. The numerical Customer Key.
CheckType Required. Two types of checks whether PERSONAL or BUSINESS.
AccountType Required. Two types of account whether CHECKING or SAVINGS.
CheckNum Optional. This is the check number.
MICR Optional. This is the scanned MICR data of the check.
AccountNum Required. This is the account number.
TransitNum Required. This is the transit number.
SS Optional. Social Security number of the check holder.
DOB Optional. Date of Birth of the check holder.
BranchCity Optional. The city of the bank where the branch is located.
DL Optional. The driver’s license number of the check holder
StateCode Optiional. The 2 character State Code of the driver’s license of the check holder, e.g. NY or GA
NameOnCheck Optional. The check holder’s name as it is on the check.
Email Optional. The customer’s email address.
DayPhone Optional. The customer’s day phone.
Street1 Optional. The customer’s street address 1.
Street2 Optional. The customer’s street address 2.
Street3 Optional. The customer’s street address 3.
City Optional. The customer’s city.
StateID Optional. The customer’s 2 character State Code
Province Optional. The customer’s province if it is outside the USA
PostalCode Optional. The customer’s zip code if in USA , postal code if outside USA
CountryID Optional. The customer’s 3 character country code, for example, USA or CAN
ExtData Optional. Extended Data.


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?>

– <RecurringResult xmlns:xsd=”” xmlns:xsi=”” xmlns=””>

<ContractKey />
<CcInfoKey />