This Web service operation retrieves the detail for all card updates within a given time frame. The URL to access this Web service is:

Descriptions of the parameters are listed below:





Required: User Name assigned by the payment gateway
Password Required: Password assigned by the payment gateway
MerchantKey Required: The merchant's merchantkey, the query will be run against this merchant's account.
BeginDt Required: The begin date of the date range in MM/DD/YYYY format. This date will be converted to MM/DD/YYYYT00:00:00:0000AM
EndDt Required: The end date of the date range in MM/DD/YYYY format. This date will be converted to MM/DD/YYYYT12:59:59:9999PM
ExtData  Optional: Extended Data in XML


The following table contains sample data you can use to test this Web service. The UserName, Password, and MerchantKey parameters should be changed when testing this example. The example data shown will create a list of all card updates that took place between 1/1/2000 and 1/1/3000 for the MerchantKey you specified. You may change the dates to any timeframe within which card updates took place on your MerchantKey. The format of the output will be in XML.


Parameter Value
UserName test
Password test
MerchantKey 0001
BeginDt 01/01/2000
EndDt 01/01/3000
ExtData Optional: Extend Data in XML


<string xmlns="">

<CardUpdates> <Table> <Card_Info_Key>18797042</Card_Info_Key> <Merchant_Key>434</Merchant_Key> <BatchRefId>20190826081837</BatchRefId> <ResponseCode>203</ResponseCode> <Creation_DT>2019-08-26T13:18:48.287-07:00</Creation_DT> <AccountLastFour>3674</AccountLastFour> <CardType>AMEX</CardType>

<SuntariMID>1234567890</SuntariMID> <Updated>false</Updated> <ExpDate>1037</ExpDate> <ResponseCodeTxt>Account is Closed</ResponseCodeTxt> </Table> </CardUpdates>


This block of XML can be broken down like the below, but note that there will a “Table” for each card update within the results:



<Card_Info_Key>619718</Card_Info_Key> <Merchant_Key>134</Merchant_Key> <BatchRefId>20190813083905</BatchRefId> <ResponseCode>202</ResponseCode> <Creation_DT>2019-08-13T13:39:19.777-07:00</Creation_DT> <AccountLastFour>0425</AccountLastFour> <UpdatedAccountLastFour>4851</UpdatedAccountLastFour> <CardType>AMEX</CardType> <SuntariMID>1234567890</SuntariMID> <Updated>true</Updated> <ExpDate>0637</ExpDate> <UpdatedExpDate>1041</UpdatedExpDate> <ResponseCodeTxt>Account Number Updated</ResponseCodeTxt>



XML Response Key

Below you will find a key to explain the different tags:

<Card_Info_Key> The CCInfoKey of the stored card information

<PNRef> PNRef used as stored token

<Merchant_Key> The ArgoFire merchant key for the merchant in question

<BatchRefId> The batch ID for the run of account updater that included this token

<ResponseCode> The code returned for this token from the updater. This will correlate to the ResponseCodeTxt

<Creation_DT> The date and time stamp showing when the token was created

<AccountLastFour> The most recent last four digits of card number stored as token

<UpdatedAccountLastFour> The last four digits of the stored card number

<CardType> The Card Brand of the stored card (Amex, VISA, Mastercard, Discover)

<SuntariMID> The Merchant Identification Number for the merchant using the updater

<Updated> True or False value, states whether or not the token was updated

<ExpDate> The most recent stored ExpDate for the toke

<UpdatedExpDate> The new ExpDate value received from the updater

<ResponseCodeTxt> Text description of the type of update received


Response Code Reference Table

Below you will find a table defining the different response codes you can receive:

000 New Card This is a new account.
200 Valid account, no update No Update from Card Brand
201 Account Expiration Date Updated Expiration Dates was updated
202 Account Number Updated

Account Number Updated

203 Account is Closed Card Brand reports account is closed.
204 Contact Cardholder Card Brand advises to contact cardholder.
205 Error- Merchant Not Registered The merchant is not registered with the card brand for account updater.
206 No Match Card brand did not have a match.
207 Blocked Merchant or Reported Fraud


The cardholder has blocked the merchant/seller.


Fraud has been reported at the merchant/seller.

208 Inactive Card No transactional activity between the cardholder and the merchant/seller over the past 13 months.
209 Inactive or Canceled Seller The merchant/seller is Inactive or Canceled.
315 Invalid Expiration Date Expiration date is invalid.
320 Invalid Account Number Check the input data for an invalid Account Number per TSYS EnsureBill supported card brands.
329 Invalid Card Type Check the input data for an invalid card type.
330 Remove Successful The request to remove a card account was successful.
336 Invalid or Blank Seller ID The seller ID value is either invalid or has not been provided.
339 Card Removed Previously The card was removed previously.
340 Card Record Not Found There was no record found for the card account.