ArgoFire Response Values

Result Response Field Definitions (Error Codes)

The list below contains result codes returned in the Result response field of the API or GUI AuthCode field.   A decline returned by the payment processor for the API response field is value twelve (12) or thirteen (13). An approval is value zero (0). Any other value is an error code, which is returned by ArgoFire and not by the payment processor. Please note that when programmatically validating a transaction’s result, from the API, this value should be used instead of any response message describing the result. I.e. do not use RespMSG or Message response fields, as these values may vary. Please note that this list is subject to change without prior notice.

Value Description
-100 Transaction NOT Processed; Generic Host Error
0 Approved
1 User Authentication Failed
2 Invalid Transaction
3 Invalid Transaction Type
4 Invalid Amount
5 Invalid Merchant Information
7 Field Format Error
8 Not a Transaction Server
9 Invalid Parameter Stream
10 Too Many Line Items
11 Client Timeout Waiting for Response
12 Decline
13 Referral
14 Transaction Type Not Supported In This Version
19 Original Transaction ID Not Found
20 Customer Reference Number Not Found
22 Invalid ABA Number
23 Invalid Account Number
24 Invalid Expiration Date
25 Transaction Type Not Supported by Host
26 Invalid Reference Number
27 Invalid Receipt Information
28 Invalid Check Holder Name
29 Invalid Check Number
30 Check DL Verification Requires DL State
40 Transaction did not connect (to NCN because SecureNCIS is not running on the web server)
50 Insufficient Funds Available
99 General Error
100 Invalid Transaction Returned from Host
101 Timeout Value too Small or Invalid Time Out Value
102 Processor Not Available
103 Error Reading Response from Host
104 Timeout waiting for Processor Response
105 Credit Error
106 Host Not Available
107 Duplicate Suppression Timeout
108 Void Error
109 Timeout Waiting for Host Response
110 Duplicate Transaction
111 Capture Error
112 Failed AVS Check
113 Cannot Exceed Sales Cap
201 FPRejected_Floor
202 FPRejected_Ceiling
203 FPRejected_IP
204 FPRejected_BIN
205 FPRejected_Velocity
1000 Generic Host Error
1001 Invalid Login
1002 Insufficient Privilege or Invalid Amount
1003 Invalid Login Blocked
1004 Invalid Login Deactivated
1005 Transaction Type Not Allowed
1006 Unsupported Processor
1007 Invalid Request Message
1008 Invalid Version
1010 Payment Type Not Supported
1011 Error Starting Transaction
1012 Error Finishing Transaction
1013 Error Checking Duplicate
1014 No Records To Settle (in the current batch)
1015 No Records To Process (in the current batch)

AVS Response Codes

The following table contains the possible response values returned for address verification (AVS).

Value Description
X Exact: Address and nine-digit Zip match
Y Yes: Address and five-digit Zip match
A Address: Address matches, Zip does not
Z 5-digit Zip: 5-digit Zip matches, address doesn’t
W Whole Zip: 9-digit Zip matches, address doesn’t
N No: Neither address nor Zip matches
U Unavailable: Address information not available
G Unavailable: Address information not available for international transaction
R Retry: System unavailable or time-out
E Error: Transaction unintelligible for AVS or edit error found in the message that prevents AVS from being performed
S Not Supported: Issuer doesn’t support AVS service
B * Street Match: Street addresses match for international transaction, but postal code doesn’t
C * Street Address: Street addresses and postal code not verified for international transaction
D * Match: Street addresses and postal codes match for international transaction
I * Not Verified: Address Information not verified for International transaction
M * Match: Street addresses and postal codes match for international transaction
P * Postal Match: Postal codes match for international transaction, but street address doesn’t
0 ** No response sent
5 Invalid AVS response

* These values are Visa specific. ** These values are returned by ArgoFire and not the processor.

CV Response Codes

The following table contains the possible response values returned for a CVV2/CVC2/CID check.

Value Description
N CVV2/CVC2/CID No Match
P Not Processed
S Issuer indicates that the CV data should be present on the card, but the merchant has indicated that the CV data is not present on the card.
U Unknown / Issuer has not certified for CV or issuer has not provided Visa/MasterCard with the CV encryption keys.
X Server Provider did not respond