Winter Fundraising Ideas


It's wintertime, the days are shorter, the weather is colder...and it's the perfect time for a seasonal fundraiser! If you want to lift some spirits in the darker months of winter and also raise some money for a good cause, there are a number of winter-themed fundraiser ideas to consider. Don't let the snow and cold stop you - this time of year is exactly when charities need your support. And if you're a nonprofit looking for a reason to hold a fundraiser, the winter season itself is a prime reason to set up a P2P event.

Here are five wintertime fundraising ideas to consider:

Winter carnival

You've likely attended summer carnival events or "fun fairs" for a school when the weather is nice - why not hold a winter carnival during the snowy months? Punchbowl has a whole host of interesting ideas for the event, including fun-fair standbys of dunk-tanks, bingo, and carnival snacks (plus hot chocolate). The entry fee for the carnival as well as the cost to play games could go towards charity - not to mention the fact that it's a great community-builder during a time when most of us would otherwise stay home.

Polar plunge

You know it, you (might) love it - it's the Polar Plunge, one of the best-known cold-weather fundraisers. Essentially, the idea is for participants to gain sponsors who will enjoy seeing them don swimsuits in the dead of winter and jump into freezing cold water. It's masochism for a good cause! Jokes aside, polar plunges are huge hits in the social media world, and they tend to drive a lot of great PR and media coverage as well. Considering adding a polar plunge to your charity fundraising arsenal and get ready for the ultimate icebreaker.

Warm clothing drive

Some regions have cold weather for months, and making sure that the most vulnerable members - homeless or otherwise displaced people - have warm clothing to wear should be a priority. In this spirit, organize a clothing drive that focuses specifically on warm coats, hats, mittens, and other pieces of clothing that will help shelter people against the frigid temperatures. You could even add on a fundraising component, with the money donated to a homeless shelter of your choice.

Soup dinner

Take a cue from the soup-er (sorry) popular Soupalicious and put together a soup-themed fundraiser while the weather is still chilly. Get participants to contribute a pot of homemade soup - as many different flavors as you can get - and charge attendees for samples. You might be surprised at how quickly the donations add up - and just how many people love soup!

Package auction for Valentine's Day

The last of the cold-weather holidays is Valentine's Day in February, and it's a prime opportunity to hold a charity auction for sweetheart-friendly prize packages. If you're looking for ideas, BiddingForGood has plenty of inspiration, including items such as getaway travel packages, beautiful arrangements of gourmet food items, or gift cards to a spa. (P.S. If you work for a company that frequently receives solicitations for in-kind donations, check out ApproveForGood to see how to make this easy!)

Don't let your fundraising efforts halt during the colder months - keep charity events going all year round with events that engage the community and help warm everyone's hearts.

Not sure where to start with P2P fundraising? Check out our ebook guide to peer-to-peer fundraising for everything you need to know!



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