The Hive barks up the right CSR tree with #HolidayHounds


"Home is where the hound is." It's an adorable statement, and one bound to resonate with pet owners (both current and prospective) this holiday season. This phrase comes from creative agency The Hive, which has put together a dog "advent calendar" on the windows of its office in downtown Toronto, with the hashtag #HolidayHounds. All of the dogs displayed are available for adoption at the Toronto Humane Society, with the aim to interest passersby in adopting their new best friend. Each day, The Hive will be revealing a new pup eager to be given a home, just in time for the holidays.

Here's a great pic of the display from Strategy Online:

And that's not all - if you head over to The Hive's Instagram (what was that we were just saying about using Instagram for your nonprofit...?), they're adding cute videos and pictures of the pups available for adoption. Check out Jennings, Nova, and a collage of dogs that have already found their forever home thanks to #HolidayHounds:


Jennings is our #holidayhound for day 13! To find out more see the link in our bio.

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Update: These beautiful #HolidayHounds from the @toronto_humane_society have found homes!

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The Strategy Online article goes on to quote The Hive's COO Simon Creet as explaining, “The Hive has always been a dog friendly environment. On any given day there’s three to six pups puttering around the place.” The agency is additionally making a donation to the Humane Society and encouraging pedestrians to use text messages to donate.

In this sweet display of CSR, The Hive definitely proves their big heart for animal charity, especially during the holiday season.


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