Raise more at your next online fundraising event with giving levels




Clean and simple design, mobile responsiveness, online sharing, and flexible giving options are all part of an effective online fundraising form. But did you know that just by enabling giving levels you could increase your average online donation amount by 20%?

According to FrontStream research, the most popular donation amount for campaigns with suggested giving levels was in the $50 range. Campaigns that did not enable giving levels had an average donation amount of around $30. So why do giving levels work? The answer is simple psychology. In general, humans are motivated by “social norms” when making choices. By providing suggested giving levels you are helping to tell donors what giving amount is “normal” thus influencing their behavior.

While the effectiveness of giving levels is clear and proven, suggested amounts must be unique and appropriate for each online fundraising campaign or event. In fact, impractical donation amounts could possibly turn donors off, and prompt lower donation amounts and lower participation rates. One way to plan your suggested giving levels is to analyze past campaigns results and set amounts that are slightly higher than past averages. This should give you a good formula for setting realistic giving suggestions.

For Panorama customers, enabling giving levels is a fairly simple process.

  • First, select the fundraising event you where you want to add giving levels
  • Then select the Edit Event option and click Switch to Event Settings
  • Here you’ll see the Fundraising Settings section of your edit event settings screen where you can customize your giving levels or use our standard giving levels
  • After you’ve set your giving amounts, click the publish button and you’re all set!

Click here for the full article on how to set custom giving levels for your next online fundraising event. Or reach out for more information about how Panorama’s integrated fundraising and donor management solutions can help grow your nonprofit.


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