International Women’s Day 2022: #BreakTheBias

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, we celebrate the global achievements women have contributed on a social, political, economic, and cultural level.

  This day is also important to recognize the injustices women face globally, and how we can help forge a gender-equal world.  

By helping #breakthebias, we will help the world break free of stereotypes and gender-based discrimination and create a world that is more diverse and inclusive.  

At FrontStream, we recognize the importance of International Women’s Day, and we do our part in creating an environment free of gender-based biases.



Our staff takes the pledge to help challenge and break gender-based biases.


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PXL_20220308_154550675.PORTRAIT_2John Jarowski, Director of Marketing Strategy  

274329747_1051070615446896_4538500301078014948_n-jpgStephanie Wallace,  Digital Marketing Specialist (ft. Lucy, the dog)



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sales team Sales Team (Shawn  Presley, Director of  Nonprofit sales | Kendall Carney, Solution Expert  |  Ari Eslami, Solution Expert  |   

Anant  Patel,  Solution Expert | Scott Thomson,   Solution Expert |  Anand Singh, Solution Expert)


Supporting Female–Focused Charities 

On, you can support and donate to many female-focused organizations. Here are some examples of nonprofits that help women within their community:


Dress for Success Boston 

Dress for Success Boston’s month-long campaign, Your Hour, Her Power®, celebrates Women's History Month and International Women's Day 2022. Inspired by the belief that when a woman has access to opportunities that can change her life, she becomes powerful beyond measure. When we come together and each give the equivalent of just one hour of pay, Dress for Success Boston women will have access to the programs, services, and tools that will help her achieve economic advancement. Donate today! 


The Women's House Serving Bruce & Grey 

The Women's House Serving Bruce & Grey provides a safe haven for victims/survivors, knowing that ending violence is a community responsibility. Women's House works towards ending violence through knowledge, which is power, in order to create change. Donate today! 


Let’s all help #BreakTheBias and contribute to creating a gender-equal world.  

Share your photos of your participation in IWD with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin! 


Learn more about International Women’s Day!


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